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New Hampshire Full of Weird Candidates

Meet a few of the 44 people running in the state's primary

(Newser) - Meet Vernim Supreme. He’s running in the New Hampshire presidential primary—as he does every four years—on a platform of zombie readiness, obligatory tooth brushing, and a pony for every American. He often wears a rubber boot for a hat and likes to confront his, er, more established... More »

GOP Recruits Homeless for Green Party Ticket

Dems, Greens cry foul over 'sham' vote-sucking candidates in Arizona

(Newser) - Arizona Democrats say a Republican operative's effort to get homeless people and drifters to register as Green Party candidates marks a new low in political dirty tricks. The party is seeking to have the "sham" candidates removed from the ballot, and the Green Party itself has urged voters to... More »

Barr Considers Libertarian Bid for White House

Ex-GOP rep launches exploratory committee for 2008 race

(Newser) - With only seven months left in the presidential race, Republican-turned-Libertarian Bob Barr is considering tossing his hat belatedly into the ring, the Hill reports. The ex-congressman said it was up to the Libertarians to give the American people a "real choice." "They deserve better than the choices... More »

Ferrell to Stump This Fall, But Only Onstage

Comedian plans candidate character for upcoming solo show

(Newser) - Will Ferrell is working on a one-man show that could hit Broadway this fall, and he may focus the routine on an interactive bit starring a mock presidential candidate, Politico reports. The onetime "Saturday Night Live" George Bush doppelganger plans to incorporate a stump speech, question-and-answer session, and political... More »

Not Far Enough Off His Rocker

Duncan Hunter is too boring to be a successful fringe candidate

(Newser) - Duncan Hunter may be the “hard-ass conservative” running for president, the New Republic’s Eve Fairbanks allows, but the congressman dubbed “Pat Buchanan with a smile” is simply too boring to fill the fringe niche. Sure, he wants a double fence on the Mexican border and to withhold... More »

5 Stories