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Modern Literary Mystery May Be Solved

Italian journalist thinks he knows who the real Elena Ferrante is

(Newser) - It's what the New York Times calls "one of the most intriguing literary mysteries in recent history." But now Elena Ferrante, author of several best-selling novels who has lived under that pseudonym since the early 1990s, appears to have been unmasked by Italian journalist Claudio Gatti. In... More »

White Guy Finally Gets Published— as Yi-Fen Chou

Poem really by Michael Derrick Hudson of Fort Wayne, Ind.

(Newser) - "If there is such a thing as employing yellowface in poetry, this has to be it." That's what Korean-American blogger Phil Yu, known as Angry Asian Man , has to say about Michael Derrick Hudson , a white poet whose poem was chosen for The Best American Poetry 2015... More »

Woman Unable to Log Into Facebook Goes to Extremes

Trying to avoid unwanted friend requests led to woes for Jemma Rogers

(Newser) - Is being able to get onto Facebook worth losing your name over? To Jemmaroid Von Laalaa, the answer was yes. The UK woman's real name used to be Jemma Rogers, but she came up with the Von Laalaa pseudonym in 2008 when she created her account to avoid being... More »

Lil Miss Hot Mess and Co. Win Facebook Battle

Company apologizes for suspending drag queens' accounts

(Newser) - Victory for Sister Roma, Lil Miss Hot Mess, and hundreds of other drag queens who had fallen afoul of Facebook's "real name" policy: The company says it will ease up on the policy and they can carry on using their stage names. The drag queens had their accounts... More »

How Rowling's Secret Came Undone

Partner at law firm let it slip to his wife's friend

(Newser) - If you thought the unmasking of JK Rowling as mystery writer "Robert Galbraith" was part of some carefully crafted marketing scheme, think again. The truth is much more simple, reports the Independent . It seems that one of the partners at the British law firm Russells gossiped to his wife'... More »

Rowling's Alter Ego Boasted Fake Military Service

'Robert Galbraith' bio claimed novel was shaped by experience with British Army

(Newser) - JK Rowling embarked on quite the flight of fancy when inventing her pseudonym Robert Galbraith —and that might prove controversial. Galbraith's bio claims that he spent "several years with the Royal Military Police" and that the protagonist of his novel—one-legged Afghanistan veteran Cormoran Strike—"grew... More »

JK Rowling Uses Fake Name to Write Crime Novel

Well-received book by 'Robert Galbraith' is really by 'Harry Potter' author

(Newser) - Fans of Harry Potter author JK Rowling who can't get enough might want to check out a new detective novel by Robert Galbraith. It turns out that Rowling and Galbraith are one and the same, reports the Telegraph . The 450-page crime novel called The Cuckoo's Calling came out... More »

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Uses Yet Another Name

Nakoula Bassely Nakoula says real first name is 'Mark'

(Newser) - One of the reasons the man behind the Innocence of Muslims movie is behind bars today is that he keeps using aliases, a violation of his probation from a 2010 arrest. It probably didn't help his cause, then, that when Nakoula Basseley Nakoula appeared in court yesterday, he changed... More »

44 Celebrities' Real Names

Neither Demi Moore nor Bruce Willis were born that way

(Newser) - It's no secret that sometimes celebrities' names are just too perfect to be the ones they were born with. The Huffington Post rounds up the real names of 44 stars, including:
  • Meg Ryan: Margaret Hyra
  • Pat Benatar: Patricia Mae Andrzejewski
  • Chevy Chase: Cornelius Crane Chase
  • Portia De Rossi: Amanda
... More »

Google+ Banning 'Wrong' Names

But standards are not clear: Gawker

(Newser) - Planning to join the 20 million users of Google+ ? Better hope that your name passes muster. The newest social network is closing accounts for various name-related reasons, some of which are raising the eyebrows of bloggers like Ryan Tate . Though the official Google standard is to "use the... More »

Unclaimed Hardcore Rap Names

Looking to break into the biz? Use one of these pseudonyms.

(Newser) - With Diddy constantly changing his rap name, you might think all the good ones have already been used. But no: There are an awful lot of awesome pseudonyms still left, and Jesse Gissen lists his favorites on XXL :
  • Sirius Black: “This bad ass dude from the Harry Potter series
... More »

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