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It Was the Salmon or the Sea Lions. The Senate Has Chosen

Bill passes that streamlines process for sea lions to be captured, euthanized

(Newser) - A bill that would make it easier to kill sea lions that feast on imperiled salmon in the Columbia River has cleared the US Senate. State wildlife managers say rebounding numbers of sea lions are eating more salmon than ever and their appetites are undermining billions of dollars of investments... More »

Orca Mourning Her Calf Gets Some Relief

Orcas are taking turns carrying corpse into 10th day

(Newser) - An orca who spent more than a week carrying her calf following its July 24 death now has some help. Other orcas in the pod swimming through Pacific Northwest waters near the US-Canada border are taking turns carrying the corpse after the effort caused the 20-year-old mother known as J35... More »

'Soul' of the Pacific NW Is Dying of Starvation

Killer whales are succumbing to a variety of factors, including pollution and lack of Chinook salmon

(Newser) - "I believe we have orcas in our soul in this state." Those were the words of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee earlier this year after forming the Southern Resident Orca Task Force , an initiative meant to keep endangered killer whales alive in the region. Contributing to their extinction there,... More »

Sayonara, Seattle: Scientists Say the Huge One Is Coming

Cascadia subduction zone temblor will crush Pacific Northwest: 'New Yorker'

(Newser) - Thirteen thousand dead, 27,000 injured, a million displaced, a collapsed economy, and a region that may go months (or years) without electricity, drinking water, or sewage systems. That's what some are predicting will happen in the unprepared Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, if a full-margin rupture quake takes place... More »

Northwest's 'Milky Rain' Mystery Is Solved

Chalky substance came from dry lake bed in Oregon: scientists

(Newser) - Some 15 cities along a 200-mile stretch of the Pacific Northwest were coated in a mysterious, chalky substance on Feb. 6 after "milky rain" fell from the sky. For months, the white substance has been considered a "good old-fashioned weather mystery," per CNN . Now, it's a... More »

Meet 'Cave Robber,' Newly Discovered US Spider

It lives in the Northwest and has oversized claws

(Newser) - The first new spider species discovered in North America in more than 110 years has been found in the caves of the Pacific Northwest, reports the Telegraph . The Trogloraptor, or "cave robber" spider, measures about three inches long when outstretched and is seen as a "fierce, specialized predator,... More »

Found in Pacific Waters Off Oregon: Caffeine

Scientists see it as evidence of little-noticed human pollution

(Newser) - Be careful if you go to the beach in the Pacific Northwest; you might get a buzz. Samples of Pacific Ocean water taken off the coast of Oregon reveal surprising levels of caffeine, according to a new study spotted by National Geographic . And no, it didn't get there naturally.... More »

Paul Allen Will Give Away Billions

Microsoft co-founder commits most of his fortune to philanthropy

(Newser) - Looks as though Bill Gates' billionaire challenge is paying off: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has pledged to give away most of his $13 billion fortune. He made the vow public a month after Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett urged the world's richest to give away at least half... More »

Brazen Teen 'Barefoot Bandit' Now Linked to Boat Thefts

Cult hero's list of escapades grows

(Newser) - Add two stolen boats and another burglary to the feats of the bold teen "'Barefoot Bandit," who has evaded police for 2 years and amassed a cult fan following. Colton Harris-Moore, 18, has terrorized islands in the Pacific Northwest, where he is suspected in dozens of burglaries and... More »

Killer Lung Fungus Hits Northwest

Spores lodge in tissue; kill 25% of those infected

(Newser) - A virulent, deadly strain of a fungus that settles in human lungs has been discovered in the US Northwest. Cryptococcus gatti—or C. gatti—first spread from Canada into the US 5 years ago, but has recently developed into a particularly powerful strain in Oregon and is expected to move... More »

Teen Robin Hood Leads Cops on Merry Chase

He's stolen planes, boats during 18-month spree

(Newser) - Whether they want to arrest him or turn his life into a movie, everyone wants a piece of teen fugitive Colton Harris-Moore. The 18-year-old, on the run since April 2008, is wanted for at least 50 burglaries—some of them Catch Me If You Can-style capers involving planes and speedboats,... More »

Northwest Busts All-Time Sizzle Record

(Newser) - Fans, ice cream, and AC were in short supply yesterday as Seattle recorded the hottest temperature in its history, a sizzling 103 degrees, and heat records melted across the region, reports the Seattle Times. Relief is still a sweaty few days away as a heat warning remains in effect for... More »

'Brutal' Heat Wave Bakes Pacific Northwest

(Newser) - A heat wave continues to pummel the Pacific Northwest, the AP reports, though tomorrow will likely bring some relief. Temperatures at Seattle’s airport could easily break the 1994 record of 100 degrees today; yesterday, temps in Portland came within 1 degree of the 1984 record of 107. The region... More »

Northwest Floods Wreak Havoc

(Newser) - Floods, mudslides, and avalanches in the Pacific Northwest kept tens of thousands of people from their homes today, brought freight trains to a standstill, and stranded hundreds of trucks along the major highways that link Seattle's busy ports with markets around the country. The flooding was touched off by a... More »

Moon to Make Rare Pass Over Mars Tonight

Stargazers further north and west will get best view

(Newser) - Scanning the heavens for a sighting of Santa tonight? Star-gazers will also see the full moon appear to pass just over Mars, which is still glowing a strong yellow-orange color. Skygazers farther north and west will get the best view—especially in the Pacific Northwest, western Canada, and Alaska—where... More »

Floods Follow Storm in NW

Helicopter rescues underway; at least 7 are dead

(Newser) - The massive storm that pummeled the Pacific Northwest this week has left treacherous flood conditions throughout Washington and Oregon. At least seven were dead as helicopters rescued residents from their rooftops, the AP reports. The main regional interstate has been shut for days—effectively doubling the distance between Seattle and... More »

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