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New Rule: No E-Cigs in Checked Bags

FAA, DOT say they're a fire hazard

(Newser) - The DOT Monday announced what calls an "air safety twist": letting airline passengers carry their e-cigarettes into the cabin in their carry-on bags or on their person, but banning the devices in checked luggage. The agency's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, in conjunction with the... More »

Grinchy County to Neighborhood: Take Down Your Xmas Lights

Strung across the street, they pose fire hazard: officials

(Newser) - A neighborhood in Orange County, Calif., is brightly decorated with Christmas lights strung across the street—and that hasn't exactly put county officials in the holiday spirit. The lights pose a fire hazard and could prevent emergency vehicles from getting through, officials say, calling the decorations an "unpermitted... More »

Burned-Out Garment Factory Lost Fire Clearance in June

And the owner cites 'mental condition' for illegally adding five floors to building

(Newser) - On the heels of one awful revelation , another, and another: It turns out the Bangladesh factory that has now entered the history books as the site of the country's deadliest garment fire lost its fire safety certification five months before the blaze occurred. A fire official told the AP... More »

Killer Bathrobes Recalled

Safety officials warn that robes are fire hazard blamed for six deaths

(Newser) - Safety officials have reissued a recall notice on a type of chenille robe after the deaths of six people, the Los Angeles Times reports. Officials warn that the robes fail to meet safety standards and catch fire extremely easily. All six victims died after their robes caught fire while they... More »

Flush and Burn: Port-a-Potty Pyro Strikes Again in SF

Fire officials probe toilet-focused arsonist

(Newser) - For the seventh time in two months, port-a-potties at construction sites in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood have been set ablaze by unknown parties, the Chronicle reports. Fire officials won’t say how the late-night pyrotechnics started, but they’re asking construction workers to be sure their “comfort stations”... More »

GE Recalls 92,000 Ovens Over Fire Risk

Company offers affected customers rebates, free repairs

(Newser) - GE recalled 92,000 microwave ovens today because the appliances pose a fire hazard, the government said. The ovens, sold at department and appliance stores between January 2000 and December 2003, were sold as GE, GE Profile, and Kenmore products. The company reported no injuries stemming from oven use, but... More »

6 Stories