Big Cats

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Rare Lynx Cubs Born in Spain

Iberian Lynx is world's most endangered cat

(Newser) - Officials say three endangered Iberian lynx cubs have been born in a nature reserve in southern Spain. The Iberian lynx is the world's most endangered cat, and the cubs were part of a breeding program in Andalusia's Donana National Park. The regional environmental department says the cubs born Wednesday bring... More »

Pumas Prowl Midwest

Big cats migrate east in search of prey

(Newser) - Pumas, normally prowlers of the Rocky Mountains, are slowly pushing east, ecologists say, which has led to a rash of sightings throughout the Midwest. Wisconsin just had its first confirmed puma sighting in over a century, and since 1990 the big cats have cropped up in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and... More »

Cops Bust Major Tiger Poaching Ring

Skeletons headed from India to Chinese medicine markets

(Newser) - In a rare victory for embattled conservationists, police in northern India yesterday busted a major tiger poaching ring as the gang was negotiating a sale of three tiger pelts and skeletons, AP reports. The remains were believed to be headed to China, where tiger body parts are sold on the... More »

3 Stories