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Scientists Sneak Up on Invisibility Cloak

Material shields object from view in all directions

(Newser) - German scientists say they have successfully used a new material to render an object invisible in three dimensions for the first time. Previous efforts at so-called invisibility cloaks could only hide objects from light coming in one direction. The material changes the behavior of light rays to "transform space,... More »

GOP Takes Heat for Hawaii Meeting

Choice for retreat draws fire; 'We're working hard,' says Steele

(Newser) - As we speak, the Republican National Committee is holding its winter meeting amid the “lush tropical gardens” of a resort in Honolulu, Hawaii, a fact that appears to embarrass all involved and Republicans everywhere. “We’re working hard out here,” RNC Chairman Michael Steele reasons, but many... More »

Scientists Cure Red-Green Color Blindness in Monkeys

Adult brain can re-wire to use new vision input: study

(Newser) - Scientists have cured red-green color blindness in monkeys, the Times of London reports. Researchers injected a virus containing L opsin, a gene that regulates the production of the red-sensitive light receptor—known as a “cone”—into the retina of red-green colorblind adult monkeys, according to a study published... More »

Breakthrough Speeds Up, Shrinks Chips

Huge supercomputers may be reduced to the size of laptops

(Newser) - IBM scientists have reached a “significant milestone” in chip technology, using optical signals to speed up and shrink the largest multicore processors. The breakthrough controls light pulses with a device called a wave-guide, a wire-like structure on the chip that communicates among processors; hybrid electronic-optic chips could reduce refrigerator-sized... More »

4 Stories