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Look Out, Spotify? YouTube Launching Music Service

YouTube Music Key will also give users access to Google Play Music

(Newser) - In what could signal more trouble for Spotify , YouTube announced today that its much ballyhooed subscription music service is launching next week. It's called YouTube Music Key, and like Spotify Premium, it'll set you back $9.99 a month for ad-free and offline listening. Unlike Spotify, it'll... More »

YouTube Preps Spotify Rival

Free and paid versions of subscription music service planned

(Newser) - Spotify will soon have a new rival in the subscription-music game—and the competition has video. YouTube is readying a subscription service of its own, insiders tell Billboard . It's set to include both free and paid versions. The free one will probably offer unlimited listening, even on mobile devices,... More »

Artist's Income Per Spotify Play: Fraction of a Cent

iTunes Match pays $0.003 per play

(Newser) - Some may call Spotify the savior of the music industry—but for lesser-known artists, it doesn't appear to be a cash cow. The Next Web reviews analyses of what bands are making from Spotify and Apple's iTunes Match, and the numbers aren't impressive. On Spotify, a band... More »

Met Lifts Curtain on Opera You Don't Have to Dress Up for

Icon will stream shows, broadcasts online

(Newser) - New York's Metropolitan Opera will soon be offering a new viewing experience: online streaming of performances dating back to 1937. Next week, on the 125th anniversary of its first show, the Met will unveil its online, on-demand service, reports the New York Times. If you can get past the glitches,... More »

Apple Is Unlikely to Offer Unlimited Music, But If It Did...

Competitors cry monopoly, but consumers seem enthusiastic

(Newser) - Don’t expect a subscription music service bundled with iPods anytime soon: that’s the consensus emerging from the news flurry since last week’s report Apple was considering such a move. Still, the flurry made two things clear, declares Nate Anderson in Ars Technica: Apple would need to tread... More »

Interest Grows in Music-for-Rent

Subscriptions may be the wave of the future

(Newser) - After years of the iTunes model dominating digital music sales, the time for subscription music services could be near. So far, fewer than 3 million Americans have signed up for such services. But as customizable online radio stations and social networks where users sample and recommend music grow in popularity,... More »

6 Stories