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US Built Replica of Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Secret project in Tennessee helped in latest talks, says New York Times

(Newser) - When US diplomats in Switzerland were haggling with Iran over its nuclear program, they had a unique source of knowledge: a "secret replica" of Iran's own facilities sitting in Tennessee, reports the New York Times . It seems the US has built one inside the sprawling Oak Ridge nuclear... More »

Lab Ditches Class to Rid Workers of Drawls

Tennessee employees complained about 6-week course

(Newser) - Looks like workers at a Tennessee lab are "stuck" with their Southern drawls after all. Management at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is reneging on its offer of a six-week course designed to strip employees of their "y'alls" and "yonders" after people complained about the premise, reports... More »

How Gals Helped Nuke Japan Without Knowing It

Young women played a big role at WWII atomic plant

(Newser) - Many young women helped build the A-bomb at a secret atomic research facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn.—but didn't know what they were making, the Daily Beast reports. Denise Kiernan's new book, The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World ... More »

World's Fastest Supercomputer Still American

Cray system known as 'Titan' takes top spot

(Newser) - The US still holds the crown for fastest supercomputer, but it's now a Cray XK7 system known as Titan that has overtaken the previous titleholder, the IBM Sequoia . US and German researchers found that Titan, funded by the Department of Energy and housed at the US government's Oak... More »

Supercomputer Hunts Child Porn Producers

Oak Ridge's Jaguar is developing algorithms for police

(Newser) - Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are devoting their considerable computer expertise and a million processor hours on their Jaguar supercomputer to help authorities track down people who post child pornography online, reports New Scientist . An advocacy group approached the federal scientists to help weed through the tremendous amount of... More »

Supercomputers Supercharge Research

Scientists with big questions to benefit more from DOE's two behemoths

(Newser) - It's easier than ever before to get some quality time with one of the most powerful computers on Earth. The Department of Energy has increased the performance of two of its supercomputers more than fivefold, making 900 million processor-hours available to scientists, reports Wired. Expect that boost to lead to... More »

DNA Results Shed Little Light on Caylee Case

Labs see evidence of 'decompositional event' in chloroform-soaked car trunk

(Newser) - No positive identification of Caylee Anthony’s body could be made from DNA analysis of evidence gathered from her mother’s car trunk, the Orlando Sentinel reports today. However, investigators found “an unusually large concentration of chloroform.” Odor analysis yielded hints of a “decompositional event that could... More »

Manson Body Hunt a Bust

Diggers come up empty at Death Valley ranch

(Newser) - Investigators yesterday packed up and left the the Death Valley ranch used as a hideout by the murderous Manson Family after finding no trace of bodies a member of the group once suggested might be buried there. The search was triggered by a cadaver-sniffing dog and initial findings of scientific... More »

Cyberattack on US Nuclear Lab Linked to China

Hackers' trail leads to Chinese locations, but could be red herring

(Newser) - The coordinated cyberattack into the nonclassified portion of a US nuclear laboratory may have originated in China, says a Homeland Security memo obtained by the New York Times. The memo includes a list of offending internet addresses associated with locations in China, but points out that hackers commonly bounce their... More »

Hackers Breach Security at 2 US Nuclear Labs

Personal info exposed at Oak Ridge; damage unclear at Los Alamos

(Newser) - A US nuclear lab has been the target of a coordinated cyberattack that may have exposed the personal information of thousands of visitors, reports ABC News. Hackers broke into the nonclassified part of the computer system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a research facility in Tennessee, and made over 1,... More »

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