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Paris Piss Brigade Targets Urine Sauvage

Task force strives to stop Parisians spraying city with urine

(Newser) - A Paris task force charged with enforcing good behavior is finding human urine tougher to get off the streets than poodle poop, the Wall Street Journal reports. Members of the elite Brigade des Incivilités—Bad Behavior Brigade—can ticket offenders for everything from littering to handing out fliers, but... More »

Playtime Teaches Kids 'Executive Function'

Emphasis on developing 'executive function' helps control behavior

(Newser) - Preschool teachers are adopting new techniques to control students’ behavior that focus on impulse control, the Wall Street Journal reports. Seeking to counter a growing trend in rowdiness among young students, progressive curricula involve structured daily playtime during which kids take an imaginary trip to a pretend destination. Each plays... More »

Male Suicide Tracked to Childhood

Female suicides don't reveal problems until after puberty

(Newser) - Suicidal men are more likely to have had troubled childhoods than their female counterparts, Reuters reports. A new study found that 78% of male subjects who tried to kill themselves by age 24 had serious behavioral problems at age 8, whereas suicidal females usually developed emotional problems after puberty. The... More »

UK Court Bans Teen's Insults From Web

First-of-its-kind order forbids him to post abusive comments

(Newser) - A British court has put a low-tech law to high-tech use in a bid to keep a teenager from writing abusive comments about police on the internet. The court issued an Anti-Social Behavior Order—usually used to keep hooligans out of certain parts of town—against a 17-year-old to prevent... More »

4 Stories