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Selling 'Tiffany' Engagement Rings Just Cost Costco $19.4M

Judge rules against warehouse club, which sold jewelry using Tiffany brand name

(Newser) - A federal judge's decision on trademark infringement likely has Costco executives feeling blue—but definitely not Tiffany blue. Per CNBC , US District Judge Laura Taylor Swain ruled Monday the warehouse club must fork over $19.4 million in damages, plus interest, to the luxury jeweler for selling diamond engagement... More »

Police Baffled by Diamond Ring on Xmas Tree

Wisconsin cops say someone left it there on purpose

(Newser) - A Wisconsin police department is trying to figure out who left a diamond ring on its Christmas tree. Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell posted a note on his department's Facebook page yesterday, asking if anyone knew where the ring came from. He says the diamonds are real. Police think... More »

Airport Officials: Who Returned Diamond Ring?

Newark passenger stunned to get her ring back

(Newser) - Return a diamond ring at Newark Airport on Valentine's Day? Then you're in luck, because airport officials want to reward you with free round-trip voucher from United Airways, the New York Post reports. Navneet Guleria, 52, dropped the ring from her 25th wedding anniversary while being screened for... More »

Engagement Rings Are Actually 'Insulting'

Insulting 'to notions of actual love,' that is: Tauriq Moosa

(Newser) - Diamonds have "little intrinsic value," writes Tauriq Moosa in the Guardian , so when large South African diamond mines were discovered in the late 1800s and De Beers Consolidates Mines was formed, its investors realized they would need to conjure up demand. That they were incredibly successful with their... More »

Panhandler Gets $86K for Returning Diamond Ring

Missouri woman raises money to thank homeless man

(Newser) - Honesty paid off for a panhandler in Missouri who found a diamond ring in his change cup—and gave it back to its owner, the Huffington Post reports. Sarah Darling was so grateful to have the ring again that she raised more than $86,000 to thank Billy Ray Harris... More »

Jewelers Unveil All-Diamond Ring

150-carat accessory worth $68M

(Newser) - Swiss jewelers are redefining "diamond ring." Shawish has crafted a piece of jewelry made entirely of diamond—150 carats' worth. What the company calls the "world's first diamond ring" is valued at some $68 million. Given that Kim Kardashian's ring cost just $2 million, the... More »

Liz Taylor Gem Sale Smashes Records

7 world records fall at $116M sale of fabled collection

(Newser) - The sale of Elizabeth Taylor's legendary gem collection shattered records—and estimates—at Christie's in New York last night. Amid competition so fierce that bids sometimes jumped by a million dollars, the $116 million sale of the late star's gems broke the world record for a private... More »

The Big Question: Will Kim Keep the $2M Ring?

You 'keep a gift,' explains Kardashian's mother

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian might be through with her husband of 72 days , but diamonds are forever, and she should hang on to her $2 million engagement ring. That's the advice from her mom. "It's a gift. You keep a gift," Kris Jenner said on Good Morning America... More »

Now at Costco: A $1M Diamond Ring

And that's apparently a discount

(Newser) - Finally, Costco is catering to its multi-millionaire clientele. The discount retailer is now selling a 6.77 ct diamond ring for a million bucks, the Consumerist reports. Costco has sold some high-end diamond jewelry in the past, starting with a $180,000 ring in 2005, but a million is quite... More »

For Your Beau: The Mangagement Ring

Are diamond rings for dudes a sign of progress or a marketing ploy?

(Newser) - Times, they are a changin', and with change comes marketing opportunities. With more women proposing and an uptick in gay marriages, ''mangagement rings'' are being used more—and marketed harder—than ever, reports Details . British jeweler H. Samuel introduced the Tioro, a titanium ring with a subtle diamond, and a... More »

Jilted Guy Hides Ring in Twitter Treasure Hunt

Will tweet clues as searchers scour his New Zealand city

(Newser) - What to do when "Em, no" greets your question from bended knee? A New Zealand man who finds himself with a “spare ring” is going to hide it somewhere in the capital city Saturday—and post clues as to its location on a Twitter treasure hunt, the Dominion ... More »

Cheers! London Club Concocts $70K Drink

Recipe calls for cognac, champagne, and a diamond ring

(Newser) - Start with some expensive cognac and champagne, add brown sugar and bitters—don't forget the 11-carat white diamond ring for the bottom of the glass—and voila, you've got the world's most expensive drink. London's exclusive Movida nightclub launched the drink, called the Flawless, today, and a 28-year-old property developer... More »

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