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Poll: Few Plan Splurges With Tax Refunds

More people than ever are just paying off bills

(Newser) - Taxpayers’ refund checks are starting to arrive, but this year the economy might not see much of a boost from that money, an AP poll finds. More people are planning to spend their refunds in some way, but 54% say they’ll pay off existing bills rather than go on... More »

10 Recession Expenditures to Shut Up About

The economy has changed social etiquette

(Newser) - If you've got it, don't flaunt it. Forbes warns against boasting about these lavish purchases,:
  1. As your friends' faces get droopy, it's not cool to discuss cosmetic surgery splurges.
  2. The duck confit may have been exquisite, but resist describing a lavish meal.
  3. Lest you suffer the same scrutiny as Michigan's
... More »

Cheers! London Club Concocts $70K Drink

Recipe calls for cognac, champagne, and a diamond ring

(Newser) - Start with some expensive cognac and champagne, add brown sugar and bitters—don't forget the 11-carat white diamond ring for the bottom of the glass—and voila, you've got the world's most expensive drink. London's exclusive Movida nightclub launched the drink, called the Flawless, today, and a 28-year-old property developer... More »

3 Stories