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Tea Partier Scores Missouri Win With Democrat's Help

Claire McCaskill ads called Akin 'too conservative'

(Newser) - Missouri Rep. Todd Akin has won a close three-way GOP race to challenge Sen. Claire McCaskill in November, breaking Sarah Palin's winning endorsement streak in the process. All three contenders, including Palin-pick Sarah Steelman, had the backing of different Tea Party groups, and each claimed to be the most... More »

GOP Ad in Broken English Sparks Charge of Racism

Pete Hoekstra commercial attacks incumbent Debbie Stabenow

(Newser) - A US Senate candidate sounded upbeat today after his Chinese-themed ad in broken English triggered accusations of racism, the Huffington Post reports. "I’m excited," Michigan GOP contender Pete Hoekstra told Politico . "It has jump-started the debate.” The ad shows a Chinese woman biking through rice... More »

Qatar Should Reimburse US for Bomb Scare: GOP Rep.

Incident cost military, law enforcement thousands

(Newser) - The government of Qatar should foot the bill for the bomb scare aboard a Denver-bound airliner, a top Republican congressman says. “A lot of people kicked into action last night based on a perceived threat,” Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, noted... More »

Brennan: GOP Was Briefed on Bomb Suspect

Accuses Republicans of using terrorism as 'political football'

(Newser) - John Brennan says he briefed senior GOP lawmakers on the Christmas Day terror arrest and the FBI’s handling of it right away, and dismissed their later criticisms as political ploys. “None of those individuals raised any concerns with me at that point.” the White House counterterror chief... More »

Republicans Slam Obama in State Races

GOPers 'nationalizing' gubernatorial contests to up conservative cred

(Newser) - Republican gubernatorial candidates are falling over themselves to attack President Obama, eager to turn their local elections into national referendums, Politico reports. Would-be Georgia governor John Oxendine, for example, has started a website called “,” which focuses on Obama’s health reform efforts, while Michigan gubernatorial hopeful... More »

Napolitano: 'The System Worked'

GOP piles on White House over near-bombing on Detroit flight

(Newser) - The Detroit terror incident took center stage on the Sunday talk show circuit today, with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano coming out swinging as the GOP blamed the White House for the lapse. "The system worked," she told State of the Union, and there was "no... More »

Detroit Should 'Connect Dots' for Obama: GOP Rep.

Hoekstra: US needs to get tough in Yemen

(Newser) - With reports that the explosives used in today’s attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound passenger jet originated in Yemen, a Michigan Republican says President Obama needs to get tougher on terror threats originating from the Middle East nation. Noting that the Fort Hood shooter had contact with a cleric... More »

GOP Reps. Pin Fort Hood on Obama

Hoekstra hints at administration missteps, wants probe

(Newser) - Hinting that Obama administration’s restrictions on how the government fights terrorism led to the Fort Hood shooting, two Republican Congressman today called for an immediate probe of the incident. Congress has been asked to wait until a military investigation is complete, but, Pete Hoekstra says , “It has to... More »

Hasan's Lawyer: Don't Quiz My Client

Family engages counsel for accused shooter

(Newser) - A former Army colonel will represent the accused Fort Hood shooter, whose ties to an anti-American imam linked to the 9/11 terrorists became clearer today. Nidal Malik Hasan's family hired John Galligan, who said he has requested investigators not interrogate his client. "Until I meet with him, it's best... More »

CIA Officer: We 'Broke the Law' With Kidnapping

She's one of 23 Americans convicted in Italy for 2003 rendition

(Newser) - One of the CIA agents convicted in Italy today of kidnapping a Muslim cleric in 2003 says the mission "broke the law" and that she feels "abandoned and betrayed" by the US government. The case involving ex-officer Sabrina DeSousa and 22 other Americans is the first challenge to... More »

House Will Probe Possible CIA Lies

Panel Republicans decry inquiry as partisan politics

(Newser) - The House Intelligence Committee will investigate whether the CIA lied to Congress and violated the National Security Act, the Hill reports. The probe stems from claims by new CIA chief Leon Panetta and Rep. Nancy Pelosi that the agency regularly misled Congress. More »

Dems: Panetta Admits CIA Lied

(Newser) - A group of Democratic lawmakers says CIA chief Leon Panetta admitted that the agency has misled Congress since 2001 and "concealed significant actions," reports Politico. A letter released by the lawmakers, all members of the House Intelligence panel, offered no specifics on when Panetta made the admission or... More »

Dems Rip GOP for Sharing Interrogation Secrets

House Republicans go on record after closed-door briefing

(Newser) - Democrats are seething today after Republicans told the press about classified intelligence gleaned in a closed-door briefing about interrogation techniques. GOP members told the Hill they were informed that harsh techniques led to information that prevented terrorist attacks. That led Democrats to blast their rivals for disclosing secret information, triggering... More »

CIA to Surrender Tape Records

House will get secret documents on destroyed water boarding videos

(Newser) - The CIA will provide documents on the destruction of interrogation videotapes to the House Intelligence Committee and allow the agency's top attorney to testify, the New York Times reports. It's unclear whether the man who ordered the videos destroyed, clandestine service chief Jose Rodriguez, will also testify. The tapes showed... More »

CIA Was Warned Not to Destroy Tapes

Agency defied advice from White House, Congress, Justice

(Newser) - The CIA destroyed interrogation videotapes in 2005 against the advice of the White House, Justice Department, and members of Congress, the New York Times reports. All warned of the potential legal risks of destroying the tapes, which showed the harsh interrogation of two al-Qaeda operatives. The agency's chief of clandestine... More »

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