Honda FCX Clarity

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Honda Insight May Be Cheapest Hybrid on Market

Will cost thousands less than Prius

(Newser) - Honda is promising that its new hybrid, the much-anticipated Insight, will cost no more than a normal car when it hits dealerships next spring, meaning it will almost certainly undercut the Toyota Prius. The Insight is rumored to carry a roughly $18,500 price tag, the LA Times reports, making... More »

Honda Unveils Hydrogen Car

Emission-free FCX Clarity runs on hydrogen and water

(Newser) - Honda has begun commercial production on the FCX Clarity, an emissions-free car that runs entirely on hydrogen and electricity, the BBC reports. Honda only plans to produce 200 models over the next 3 years, however, expecting the scarcity of hydrogen fueling stations to dampen demand. “In the next few... More »

Honda Shows Hydrogen Is Here

Hydrogen fuel car won't shock you with its forward-thinking design, NYT says

(Newser) - It may not look high-tech enough for the Jetsons, but Honda’s new FCX Clarity is definitely worth all the buzz, New York Times auto critic Norman Mayersohn gushes. After test-driving the sedan, which runs on hydrogen fuel, Mayersohn said its greatest trick is its simplicity, which helps “convince... More »

3 Stories