Nashua, New Hampshire

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'Detailed' Threat Closes All Schools in NH City

FBI joins investigation in Nashua

(Newser) - All public schools in Nashua, NH, will be closed Monday after what Superintendent Mark Conrad describes as a "detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff" at both of the city's high schools. The school district made 14,000 automated phone calls Sunday evening to inform parents... More »

Perps Catch Themselves on Candid Camera

DAs using criminals' own cellphone pics to put them away

(Newser) - Criminals may want to think twice the next time they feel like snapping photos of their exploits: authorities nationwide are using the indecent exposures as evidence against them, the Wall Street Journal reports. “We pray for those kinds of cases,” said an assistant state attorney, while a small-town... More »

2 Stories