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Love Movies at the Theater? There's a New Plan for You

MoviePass plan for $10 a month gets you a daily showing at nearly any US theater

(Newser) - If all the movies you can watch at home for one low price per month isn't enough, a Netflix co-founder has another proposal: a movie a day at actual movie theaters for one low price per month. That's the idea behind Mitch Lowe's startup company MoviePass, which... More »

Yankees Ticket Prices Soar as Jeter Nears 3,000 Hits

You'll need about $165 to get into a game this weekend

(Newser) - It would probably be fine with Yankees brass if Derek Jeter takes all season to reach 3,000 hits. Ticket sales and prices on the secondary market have skyrocketed in anticipation of the shortstop reaching the milestone, which he should do any day now. Tickets that fetched $80 last week... More »

Thanks, LeBron: Heat Fires Season Ticket Salespeople

With season tickets sold out, franchise cuts back

(Newser) - The Heat's season tickets sold out even before LeBron James officially announced he was leaving Cleveland for Miami, so the next step feels inevitable: The team has fired the 30 people hired to sell season tickets, the Miami Herald reports. "They let us go because there was really nothing... More »

Feds Bust $25M Ticket-Scalping Ring

'Wiseguys' accused of using hackers to corner market on concert tickets

(Newser) - Four men who formed a company called "Wiseguy Tickets" have been charged with running a massive ticket-scalping scheme. Federal prosecutors say the Californians employed a team of Bulgarian computer programmers to help them access the systems of vendors like Ticketmaster and corner the market on tickets for some of... More »

New Moon Eclipses Ticket Records

Twilight sequel leaves Potter pre-sale mark in dust

(Newser) - It doesn't open until tomorrow, but the latest Twilight movie already is breaking records. Fandango, AMC, and MovieTickets.com all say that fans are scooping up advance tickets to The Twilight Saga: New Moon in unprecedented numbers. Thousands of shows are sold out around the country, leaving pre-sale records held... More »

Foul-Mouthed Ticket Scalper Talks Crime, Punishment

Time-wasting cops 'should be fired'

(Newser) - Adrian Chen found the ticket scalper with possibly the dirtiest mouth on the New York circuit and convinced him to do an interview for Gawker . He expounds on would-be sex-trading ticket buyer Susan Finkelstein, New York sports fans, and more:
  • On Finkelstein: "Every one of those cops should be
... More »

New Kids Scrap Aussie Tour, Blaming Recession

(Newser) - The New Kids on the Block have canceled a planned tour of Australia because of weak ticket sales amid the recession, Reuters reports. “We are, in fact, in the middle of a worldwide recession and we just cannot make it work,” said Donnie Wahlberg. He said the group... More »

Outraged Taxpayers Not Going Out to Ball Game

(Newser) - New Yorkers would like to go out to the ball game, but the Wipons and Steinbrenners “have let their unfettered greed keep the fans at bay,” writes Allen Barra in the Wall Street Journal. Fans are outraged that their tax dollars have gone to fund stadiums they can’... More »

Yankees Slash Luxury Ticket Prices to Fill Empty Seats

Team red-faced after front rows left empty in new stadium

(Newser) - The New York Yankees are cutting top-end ticket prices up to 50% after the best seats in the team's new stadium proved too pricey even for big spenders, AP reports. The team hopes the reductions—on seats costing up to $2500 for front-row seats near home plate—will fill the... More »

Economy Tanking, Americans Race to Movies

Hollywood provides much-needed escape in bleak times

(Newser) - Americans are dealing with the recession by hiding in dark rooms with a band of brothers, a gun-toting grandma, and a bumbling mall cop, the New York Times says. Hollywood’s ticket sales have jumped 17.5% this year. Ticket prices rose, but so did attendance, by nearly 16%. “... More »

Hit Hard by Economy, NFL Is Downsizing

(Newser) - Even the mighty NFL is not safe from the economy's tailspin. The league will eliminate around 14% of its workforce—office workers, not the fellows who wear helmets—and is freezing salaries and hiring until 2009, Bloomberg reports. “I would like to be able to report that we are... More »

Christmases Chokes Australia at Box Office

Comedy tops box office, curbing Twilight sensation

(Newser) - Four Christmases iced the competition over the long Thanksgiving weekend and raked in $46.7 million, Variety reports. Box office numbers stayed strong overall—up 2% to 3% over last year's holiday—as Twilight ($39.5 million), Bolt ($36 million), and Quantum of Solace ($28.1 million) filled out the... More »

Brother's Ghost Writer: Madonna

Singer's goal: concert ticket sales

(Newser) - Christopher Ciccone’s perfectly timed book, Life with My Sister Madonna, may have had a world-famous ghost writer: the Material Girl herself. In a bid to sell concert tickets, Madonna "actually ghost-wrote parts of it with him,” an insider tells the New York Post. “That's why there's... More »

Holmes' Sept. Broadway Debut Already a Bust?

Tickets aren't selling, and producers fear the worst

(Newser) - Katie Holmes is not drawing the tickets sales for her Broadway debut producers had hoped for, the New York Post reports. "I bought 1,000 tickets to the show," one broker says of the September revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons. "I still have them."... More »

Concert Sales Slump as Gas Prices Climb

Pump prices on top of tickets breaking the bank

(Newser) - Soaring gas prices are turning down the volume on ticket sales for this year’s summer tours, Rolling Stone reports. Major festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella didn’t sell out—a rare occurrence—while top acts like George Michael, Maroon 5, and Stevie Wonder are facing difficulty finding fans. That... More »

Ready for $35 Movie Tickets?

Gold Class Cinemas brings luxury moviegoing stateside

(Newser) - Think your movie-going experience could be more than sticky floors and greasy popcorn? Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas agrees. The high-end theater chain is making its debut in America, offering a bar selling cocktails and sushi, reclining lazy-boy style seats (with service buttons to call waiters), and valet parking for... More »

NCAA Grabs More Control of Ticket Resales

Group says moves are for the fans; critics see similarities with pros

(Newser) - The NCAA is stepping up its efforts to rake in more money from March Madness by striking deals with online sites that resell tickets and travel packages at hefty profits, the Los Angeles Times reports. By sanctioning such deals, the NCAA says it can guard against unscrupulous gouging, but critics... More »

Led Zeppelin Outwits Scalpers

Strict new security in force at concert

(Newser) - Rock band Led Zeppelin performs in London tonight for the first time in 20 years and fans are pouring in from all over the world—including Brazil, Australia and the US. Some may be bitterly disappointed, however. Stringent new security arrangements designed to beat scalpers may stop some fans from... More »

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