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Woman Sues Casino That Won't Pay Her $43M Jackpot

Casino says slot machine was having 'obvious malfunction'

(Newser) - "I feel like they did me real dirty," Katrina Bookman tells the New York Daily News . Last August, Bookman was on top of the world when a slot machine at Resorts World Casino in New York informed her she had won nearly $43 million . According to CNN , it... More »

No Easy Fix for Russian Hack That Scams Casinos

'Wired' dives into how St. Petersburg group figured out slot machine patterns

(Newser) - An iPhone and a few well-timed button pushes by a mysterious patron was all that was needed to make a Missouri casino's slot machine pay out lots of cash. But this wasn't just a random scammer who'd figured out how to play the machine: It was part... More »

A Slot Machine's Deception, a Man's Tragic Death

Scott Stevens killed himself after a 6-year gambling addiction—were the machines to blame?

(Newser) - About 1% of the US population (around 3.2 million Americans ) has a gambling disorder, per the National Center for Responsible Gaming —and the Atlantic tells the tragic story of one of those addicts and how a lawsuit took the entire industry to task for his death. Scott... More »

Woman 'Wins' $43M on Slots; Casino Says Not So Fast

The slot machine giveth huge payout, the slot machine 'malfunction' taketh it away

(Newser) - There are mechanical malfunctions on the order of you losing out on some pocket change and a bag of Fritos, and there are mechanical malfunctions on the order of the one Katrina Bookman faced in August, which amounts to a loss of $43 million and a steak dinner. As ABC7... More »

After 20 Years Without Win, Slot Machine Pays $2.4M

Couple played 'Lion's Share' for 5 minutes before winning

(Newser) - The most popular slot machine out of 1,900 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the "Lion's Share" has had a reputation since it was installed in the '90s for boasting a sizable jackpot—thanks to no one ever having won it. It's so popular... More »

Why You Lost Your Money Playing Slot Machines

All those bells and whistles made you think you were winning: Study

(Newser) - There's a reason casinos sound the way do, with their endless barrage of dinging slot machines: It's all about taking your money. So say gambling researchers who looked into why slots are so brutally effective in extracting every last coin, reports Pacific Standard . Sorry, conspiracy theorists, the games... More »

Casino Refuses to Pay $43M Jackpot

Slot machine was faulty, Colorado casino insists

(Newser) - A customer at a Colorado casino was offered a free breakfast and $23 in lieu of the $42.9 million jackpot she won at a penny slot machine. Gaming authorities and officials at Fortune Valley Casino say the machine malfunctioned and that its top payout is only $251,000, but... More »

Penny Slots Bring In Big Bucks

(Newser) - Casinos are making big bank off the tiniest—and oft-most derided—denomination, USA Today reports. Gambling outfits have added penny slots at an amazing rate—in the last 2 years, Nevada has removed 12,000 more costly machines to make room for 7,000 penny slots—and the move has... More »

Russia Bans Gambling as Mega-Casinos Crap Out

Planned mini-Vegases stall in financial crisis

(Newser) - Gambling has played a major role in Russian life since 1989, with high-rolling casinos—more than 30 in Moscow alone—echoing the cowboy capitalism of the post-Soviet years. But July 1, Russia is shutting down all gaming and slot machine halls, confining gambling to four Vegas-style zones across the country.... More »

Casinos Score Big With 1¢ Slots

(Newser) - Penny-pinching gamblers are flocking to casinos for a cheaper bet these days: penny slots. The machines enable them to play longer with the same amount of cash, and, thanks to modern paper payouts, no longer burden them with noisy bucket-loads of coins. Casinos don't mind the games, either. "... More »

School Offers Slot Machine Repair Course

Envisions bright future for graduates

(Newser) - A Florida vocational school is helping students hit the jackpot in the lucrative world of slot machine repair. The Sheridan Technical Center recently became the first school to offer a state-approved slot repair course, the Miami Herald reports. The inaugural class of 25 students is already underway. “We try... More »

Grannie's Slot Machines Get Hip

Casinos make play for the young and active

(Newser) - After years of catering to the little old lady crowd, slot machine manufacturers are reaching out to the video game generation with a line of skill-based games, the New York Times reports. “We need to appeal to new buckets of players, or we’ll die,” said one slot... More »

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