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Pharma Pushes Dow Down 83

Sandisk gains after earnings beating expectations

(Newser) - Stocks were mixed today as pharmaceuticals declined but tech saw gains, the Wall Street Journal reports. GlaxoSmithKline reported a 13% drop in first-quarter earnings; GSK, Merck and Pfizer shares dropped. Yahoo and Sandisk were up despite posting quarterly losses. The Dow fell 82.99 to close at 7,886.57.... More »

Stocks Mixed; Down For Week

Sliding oil again fails to move markets worried over unemployment

(Newser) - Stocks finished the week with a mixed session today, managing to mostly recover from an early sell-off in reaction to a 5-year high in monthly unemployment, MarketWatch reports. The Dow rose 32.73 to close at 11,220.96. The Nasdaq fell 3.16 to 2,255.88, while the... More »

Intel Sets Bar High with SSDs

Companys says it will launch 80-160GB solid state chips in the second-quarter

(Newser) - Intel will bring a bigger—and faster—solid state drive to market in the second quarter that will heat up the competition between chipmakers and launch a new generation of laptops and PCs based on SSDs rather than hard drives, reports CNET. Intel’s 80-160GB SSDs are twice as fast... More »

Toshiba to Make Solid-State PC Disks

Joins competitors in effort to create demand for flash memory

(Newser) - Toshiba will start making flash-based solid-state drives for laptops, the company said Monday. The Japanese memory chip maker is trying to create more demand for flash chips, reports Reuters. Solid-state drives, which offer a faster boot-up than hard disk drives, are used in portable devices, but aren't mainstream yet in... More »

4 Stories