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Feds Bust $25M Ticket-Scalping Ring

'Wiseguys' accused of using hackers to corner market on concert tickets

(Newser) - Four men who formed a company called "Wiseguy Tickets" have been charged with running a massive ticket-scalping scheme. Federal prosecutors say the Californians employed a team of Bulgarian computer programmers to help them access the systems of vendors like Ticketmaster and corner the market on tickets for some of... More »

Boss Rips Ticketmaster for 'Scalping' Tickets

Springsteen says ticket company's practice was a conflict of interest

(Newser) - The Boss called Ticketmaster into his office yesterday, and gave it a tongue-lashing it may not soon forget, Reuters reports. The ticket giant drew Bruce Springsteen's wrath for gouging fans Monday by redirecting them to its resaler, TicketNow, just minutes after seats for his "Working on a Dream" tour... More »

Hot Tickets Lead to Inaugural Scalping

Congress not pleased with Inaug. scalping

(Newser) - DC’s hottest tickets are to Tuesday's Inauguration, and with only 240,000 available, scalped tickets are starting to show up on Craigslist, Politico reports. Says an economist, “You can’t stop supply and demand.” But congressional offices, which distribute the tickets, are trying. “It’s the... More »

NFL Gets Into Ticket-Scalping Business

Deal with TicketMaster may help get handle on secondary market

(Newser) - The NFL has partnered with TicketMaster on a site allowing fans to buy and sell tickets themselves, USA Today reports. Sellers must adhere to relevant state laws, but ticket-holders may set their own value, with no limits on pricing over face value. The NFL estimates that of 22 million tickets... More »

Giants Fans Intercept the Green for Pats Historic Day

Playoff spot nailed, so NY fans cash in on tix

(Newser) - Thousands of New York ticket  holders are banking on the Giants losing next Saturday to the undefeated Patriots—or at least that's what they're telling New England fans who are snapping up unwanted tickets online for big bucks. With New York's playoff berth already secure and many starters likely to... More »

Beijing Tix Scalping Rampant

After an initial buying round, Olympic seats re-sell for 10X face value

(Newser) - Tickets for 2008’s Beijing Summer Olympics are already being illicitly re-sold over the Internet for ten times their original price, the BBC reports. An initial offering in which consumers were able to buy 50 tickets per person is being blamed for kick-starting the scalping frenzy, and that allotment has... More »

6 Stories