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Pastor Who Questioned Hell Dumps Megachurch

'Love Wins' author is taking his message on the road

(Newser) - Holy hell. A beloved local evangelical preacher who dared to question the notion that some people spend eternity suffering for their sins in hell has quit his Michigan megachurch to pursue "strategic opportunities." Rob Bell's book Love Wins sparked a furious controversy among conservative evangelical theologians. Bell... More »

Pastor Sets Off Firestorm Questioning Existence of Hell

Rob Bell book, Love Wins, challenges traditional notions

(Newser) - Evangelical blogs are in a tizzy over a pastor's new book questioning the existence of hell. Just how controversial is Love Wins, by Rob Bell? When a North Carolina pastor posted his support of the book on Facebook, he was out of a job two days later because of it,... More »

'Geeky Hip' New Billy Graham Grabs Next Generation

Masses won over by Bell's 'Letterman' style

(Newser) - Bible-thumper Rob Bell wears geeky-hip glasses, once aspired to be David Letterman, and was momentarily poised for rock stardom, reports Time magazine. And he may be "one of the most important 21st Century Christian leaders," according to one biblical scholar. Nine years ago, Bell founded a nontraditional church... More »

3 Stories