Eleanor Roosevelt

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Why Liberal Icon Eleanor Roosevelt Packed Heat

The First Lady had a permit for a .22 pistol

(Newser) - Eleanor Roosevelt took her politics and self-preservation seriously—and the two concerns seemed to coincide. The famous politician, activist, and liberal icon had a permit for a .22 caliber Smith & Wesson pistol, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports. The permit went on display in June at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential... More »

Don't Forget: Women Made 'Red Tails' Possible

Skip Gates on how activist, pilot, first lady made Tuskegee Airmen possible

(Newser) - George Lucas' Red Tails is a "very important film," reminding us of the "often overlooked role of African Americans in World War II," Henry Louis "Skip" Gates writes in the Root . But what you sadly won't see in the movie are the three women... More »

Larry Flynt Writing Book on Presidential Sex

Hustler publisher will delve into affairs of state

(Newser) - Porn king Larry Flynt is turning to a slightly more academic topic: presidents. Well, the sex lives of presidents, to be exact. The Hustler publisher is writing One Nation Under Sex, an “academically sourced” history of White House seductions. Gawker got a look at the proposal, and it includes... More »

How Michelle Became the Popular Obama

First lady stays above the fray, elevating her image

(Newser) - Her days as a lightning rod on the campaign trail firmly behind her, Michelle Obama has polished her image in a paradoxical way for a political wife: by steering clear of politics. She's a familiar presence on the national scene, and her poll numbers are robust, even among Republicans. "... More »

'Mom-in-Chief' Readies Her Bully Pulpit

Will balance Hillary-style agenda, Laura-style domestic image

(Newser) - Being first lady has always been a balancing act: trailblazer Hillary Clinton pushed harder on policy issues than the public wanted; mild Laura Bush hardly pushed at all. Michelle Obama is seeking an agenda related to her experiences. A friend tells the New York Times: “She understands the needs... More »

7 Celebs Who Married Cousins

Bach, Rudy, Einstein all kept it in the family

(Newser) - These seven celebrities looked no further than their own family tree for a bride, Mental Floss reports—they married their cousins:
  1. Johann Sebastian Bach: Had 7 of his 20 children with Maria.
  2. Edgar Allen Poe: Fell for Virginia when she was 7; they wed when she was 13.
  3. Jerry Lee
... More »

6 Stories