Thierry Henry

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Tiger, Thierry, Roger Screw Up Gillette Campaign

Endorsement dream team turns into a nightmare

(Newser) - The dream team Gillette assembled for its sports marketing campaign is starting to look like a nightmare. The roster: Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods. Ouch. Every one of those international superstars has been embroiled in recent controversy; Federer for his outburst at the US Open, Henry for the... More »

Furious, Irish Beg France for Rematch Over Handball

President will even take matter up with Sarkozy

(Newser) - From the president on down, the Republic of Ireland is in a rage after the national soccer team was denied a spot in next year’s World Cup in a defeat by France—which got the winning goal as a direct benefit of an uncalled handball. Not only is the... More »

Hornby Seeks YA Audience

Slam features a talking Tony Hawk poster

(Newser) - Nick Hornby, the British novelist best known for High Fidelity and About a Boy, is temporarily shucking characters who refuse to grow up for characters who really aren't grown up. Hornby's first young adult novel, Slam, is about a teen who gets his girlfriend pregnant and talks his problems over... More »

3 Stories