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Word of the Year: Culture

Merriam-Webster unveils its choice for 2014

(Newser) - A nation, a workplace, an ethnicity, a passion, an outsized personality. The people who comprise these things, who fawn or rail against them, are behind Merriam-Webster's 2014 word of the year: culture. The word joins Oxford Dictionaries' "vape," a darling of the e-cigarette movement, and "exposure,... More »

Eat, Drink, Be Merry With Dictionary's Newest Adds

Invite a 'pescatarian' to your 'infinity pool'

(Newser) - The Merriam-Webster dictionary has added nearly 100 new words based on frequency of use in the American lexicon, the AP reports. "If somebody is using it to convey a specific idea and that idea is successfully conveyed in that word, it's ready to go in the dictionary," said... More »

Winning Word of 2007: 'W00t'

Merriam-Webster word of the year is gamer's victory cry

(Newser) - W00t is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. The term is the victory cry of computer hackers and gamers, who also heatedly argue its origins. Merriam-Webster cites the explanation that gamers coined it as an alphanumeric acronym for “We Owned Other Team.” Contentious hackers claim it was code... More »

Merriam Makes Ginormous Addition

Main Entry: gi·nor·mous Function: adjective Etymology: gigantic + enormous Date: circa 1948 : extremely large : humongous

(Newser) - The word wranglers at Merriam-Webster have, after 49 long years, admitted 'ginormous' into the company's collegiate dictionary. Other newly approved words include crunk (southern rap music), and the abbreviations DVR and IED.  Also admitted to the class of 2007 were smackdowns, telenovas, gray literature, and microgreen.   Look... More »

4 Stories