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Family Investigates Attic Leak, Makes $136M Find

The graphic painting depicts Biblical heroine Judith beheading an Assyrian general

(Newser) - Art experts may never agree on whether it is an authentic Caravaggio, but a painting one family found when checking a leak in the rafters of an old house in southern France may turn out to be worth upward of $136 million. The large canvas, which measures 56 inches by... More »

100 Early Caravaggio Artworks Discovered

Will appear in ebook tomorrow

(Newser) - Art lovers around the world are in for a treat tomorrow: For the first time ever, they'll get to see 100 newly discovered paintings and sketches by a young Caravaggio, the great Renaissance painter. The works, estimated to be worth nearly $900 million, will appear in a 600-page Amazon... More »

Italians Believe They've Found Caravaggio's Bones

400-year-old mystery may be solved

(Newser) - Italian researchers say they're 85% sure bones found in a Tuscan church are the remains of Renaissance wildman Caravaggio. The celebrity painter, known for his boozing, brawling, and womanizing, died in 1610. His last days have long been a mystery, with some speculating that was assassinated for religious reasons. The... More »

Bad-Boy Caravaggio Hotter Than Michelangelo

'Antihero' with no personal records is 'perfect Rorschach' for out time

(Newser) - Watch out, Michelangelo—it appears that the depraved, scandalous, and murderous Italian painter Caravaggio resonates with modern audiences a tad more than the paragon of Renaissance beauty. That’s the opinion of a historian who surveyed scholarly matter on both painters over the last 50 years—books, papers, catalogs—and... More »

Anonymous Painting Is by Caravaggio

'Copy' of Card Sharps turns out to be earlier version worth $100M

(Newser) - A British art historian who bought a misattributed painting at auction last year has demonstrated it is the work of Caravaggio. The Telegraph reports that Sotheby's sold what it thought was a copy of The Card Sharps, one of Caravaggio's most famous works that currently hangs at the Kimbell Museum... More »

5 Stories