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Deadly Weather Hits Central US for Holiday Weekend

At least 6 people have been reported dead since Thursday

(Newser) - Deadly weather hit the central US at the beginning of the holiday weekend, with at least six people reported dead across multiple states as of Friday morning. WFAA reports four fatalities due to heavy flooding in north Texas. One body was pulled from a submerged Hyundai after the driver apparently... More »

Ice Storm Fells Augusta National's 'Eisenhower Tree'

Augusta National landmark couldn't be saved

(Newser) - One of golf's most famous trees has been felled by an ice storm—nearly 60 years after then-President Dwight Eisenhower tried and failed to have it removed from Augusta National Golf Club. The tree, a loblolly pine believed to have been up to 125 years old, was located 210... More »

Atlanta Losing Power as 'Catastrophic' Storm Begins

Georgia governor: Ice 'our biggest enemy'

(Newser) - The warnings haven't minced words , and the potentially "catastrophic" weather set to hit the South has begun, with Atlanta already feeling the effects: Some 39,000 and counting have lost power there, with that number climbing by the thousands within spans as short as 10 minutes. In terms... More »

South Buckles Up for 'Mind-Boggling' Ice Storm

Worst is a wedge from Alabama to North Carolina

(Newser) - At least Atlanta won't have traffic jams for this storm, unlike last month . The AP reports that "streets and highways in metro Atlanta were largely deserted" this afternoon ahead of what is expected to be a monster ice storm in parts of the South. It helps that the... More »

Storms Strike US South, Killing 5

More snow, sleet set to fall over the weekend

(Newser) - Real-live winter in the South? You bet: Unlikely ice storms hammered southern states yesterday, depriving thousands of power, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations, and killing at least five people, CNN reports. It's not over, either: Storms are poised to strike regions from Dallas to Memphis until tomorrow and Arkansas... More »

Floods, Ice Hit Northwest After Snowstorm

2 killed; more rainfall expected in Oregon

(Newser) - Days after a new "Snowmaggedon" slammed the Pacific Northwest, an ice storm and floods have left two dead in the region. Seattle's snow began Tuesday night; the city measured a daily snowfall of 6.8 inches early yesterday, blowing away the previous record of 2.9 inches in... More »

Passengers Brawl as Storms Paralyze Russia's Airports

Airport chaos called the worst in 15 years

(Newser) - Furious Moscow airport passengers scuffled with employees and hundreds tried to rush a passport barrier at Sheremetyevo to board planes as weather continued to paralyze travel. Russian President Medvedev is calling for prosecutors to investigate what is being called the worst meltdown in Russian air travel in 15 years after... More »

Ky. Deploys National Guard for Ice Storm Relief

400,000 people still without power

(Newser) - Kentucky has deployed 4,600 of its National Guard troops to go door-to-door in what the state's governor is calling "the biggest natural disaster that this state has ever experienced in modern history.” At least seven—and as many as 21—people may have died as a result... More »

More Than 1M Still Powerless After Ice Storm

Thousands still in shelters

(Newser) - From Missouri to West Virginia, thousands of people are still holed up in makeshift shelters as utility crews frantically work to return water and heat to their homes, the AP reports. More than 1.3 million homes remain without power after the recent ice storm, and though workers are making... More »

Ice Shuts School, Baffles Obama Girls

Chicago natives have played in worse weather, prez says

(Newser) - The ice storm plowing through Washington has many grown-ups wary of stepping outside, but it hasn’t fazed the first daughters, Politico reports. The Midwesterners were unimpressed that their school closed, President Obama said today, noting that Chicago schools never close. “My 7-year-old pointed out that in Chicago you’... More »

Storm Kills 19, Cuts Power to 600K in South, Midwest

Winter bears down (again) on Northeast, trigger travel troubles, and worse

(Newser) - A storm sweeping from the middle of the country into the Northeast today has left at least 19 dead and cut power to 600,000 people, the AP reports. In hard-hit states like Arkansas, where power companies warned service might not return for days, 3 inches of ice weighed down... More »

Short on Salt, Towns Turn to Molasses

As salt costs double, alternative deicers hit the pavement

(Newser) - With the weather outside frightful and rock-salt prices spiking, communities across the country are experimenting with new concoctions for melting snow and ice on roadways, the Wall Street Journal reports, adding molasses, ash, and garlic salt to deicers. The price of salt generally surges after the New Year as communities... More »

Deep Freeze Chills Midwest as Outages Plague Northeast

(Newser) - Brutally cold temperatures are buffeting the Midwest today, and states of emergency remain in effect throughout the Northeast following a devastating ice storm that left more than 400,000 people without power, USA Today reports. Schools were closed in Massachusetts and crews from up and down the Eastern seaboard rushed... More »

Storm Drops a Foot of Snow on Kansas

But Oklahoma is spared a second blast

(Newser) - A foot of snow hit Kansas this morning as thousands huddled in shelters there, unable to return home after power outages, the AP reports. Oklahoma, which still has 181,000 homes and businesses blacked out, caught a break this morning when heavy snow warnings were canceled. But Missouri is still... More »

Winter Is Here to Stay

Both regions face continued winter storms

(Newser) - In the wake of an ice storm that cut power to millions, the Midwest is bracing for a second, with a 2 to 6 inches of snow headed for Kansas and Oklahoma, reports the AP. For the half-million still without power and those in emergency shelters, the next hit could... More »

Midwest Million Left in Icy Dark

Massive power outage as new storm prepares to blast region again

(Newser) - Nearly 1 million people are without power in the aftermath of a nightmarish ice storm that wreaked havoc with roads, homes and airports through a Midwestern swath of the nation. The storm has claimed 24 lives so far, most on ice-slicked roadways. Forecasters predicted a new storm building in the... More »

600K Lose Power in Icy Storm

15 fatalities reported; weather service warns of more storms tomorrow

(Newser) - An icy storm plunged more than 600,000 Midwesterners into freezing darkness today, crippling power and causing about 15 fatalities on slippery roads, the AP reports. Oklahoma fared worst, declaring a state of emergency as schools shut down and hospitals ran on backup generators. More is on the way, according... More »

6 Die in Heartland Ice Storm

Missouri declares state of emergency

(Newser) - Six people died on slick roadways yesterday as a killer ice storm gripped heartland America, turning sidewalks and highways into ice rinks, grounding flights and downing power lines. The storm turned a swath of the nation frigid from the Southern Plains to the Great Lakes, and even colder weather threatened... More »

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