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Obama's China Envoy Quitting—to Run in 2012

Gibbs: Ambassador Huntsman's future wide open

(Newser) - The White House confirmed today that it's looking for a new envoy to China, as Ambassador Jon Huntsman leaves to prepare a 2012 bid against his current boss, Politico reports. Huntsman has the support of several prominent GOP operatives, who've formed a PAC in order to begin the financial and... More »

Advice for Sarah Palin 2012

A former Bush aide gives Sarah Barracuda some strategy tips

(Newser) - Party wisemen may not take her seriously, but Sarah Palin’s got a genuine shot at being the 2012 Republican nominee. And ex-Bush aide Matt Latimer, writing for the Daily Beast , has some advice on how she can win:
  • Explain why she quit: Right now it looks like she fled
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McCain Pays Price of Soaring Gas

Voters giving issue ever-more importance; holding Mac responsible for Bush

(Newser) - The party in power always suffers during an election year in which the economy is poor, and high gas prices are often the biggest barb. John McCain is suffering the most from high prices at the pump, a Politico analysis of Gallup polls show, with voters putting him behind the... More »

Their Phony Yuks Run Amok

Writer says Hillary and Rudy are only hurting themselves

(Newser) - The presidential frontrunners have both taken to laughing loudly when facing hostile questions, and Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter says they’re tittering up the wrong tree. Hillary Clinton laughs uncontrollably when her health care plan is compared to “socialized medicine” and Rudy Giuliani gets giggly when quizzed on his... More »

4 Stories