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Senate OKs Foreclosure Relief Bill

House outcome uncertain; Bush will veto unless changed

(Newser) - By a huge margin, the Senate today passed a $300 billion bill to help homeowners avoid foreclosure—but the White House vows to veto it unless the House makes changes, the AP reports. The bill will let struggling homeowners reinsure at cheaper rates backed by the government, but President President... More »

House Votes to Extend Jobless Benefits

But measure faces rough road in Senate, White House

(Newser) - The House today approved an extra three months of jobless benefits for all unemployed Americans, knowing the plan's chances are slight in the Senate. After failing to get a veto-proof two-thirds margin by three votes yesterday, Democrats got an exact two-thirds margin with a 274-137 vote—the amount needed to... More »

Senate Bans Waterboarding, Faces Veto

Measure hamstrings US intelligence operations, Bush says

(Newser) - The Senate today passed a measure that would outlaw harsh interrogation techniques such as waterboarding—though the ban is part of a larger intelligence bill President Bush has promised to veto, the New York Times reports. Passed by the House in December, the bill cleared the Senate 51-45, largely along... More »

Bush Vetoes Defense Bill, Delays Troops' Pay Raise

Iraq lawsuit provision sidetracks measure

(Newser) - President Bush vetoed a wide-ranging defense-spending measure today after Iraqi politicians objected to a proviso buried in the bill enabling Iraqis to sue their government in US court over Saddam Hussein-era injuries. The bill does not fund the war in Iraq, the Chicago Tribune reports, but does contain a pay... More »

Bush Vetoes Kids' Health Bill Again

SCHIP expansion remains too pricey, president says

(Newser) - President Bush today vetoed for the second time expansion of a federal program that provides health insurance to poor and middle-class children, the New York Times reports. Bush called the proposed overhaul fiscally irresponsible, because it would cover too many undeserving recipients and raise taxes. Democrats will now try to... More »

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