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Trump May Have Awoken a 'Sleeping Giant'

And that could spell trouble for him

(Newser) - Donald Trump may have woken up what pollsters call a "sleeping giant"—and it's not planning on voting for him. As the campaigns enter their final day, the Washington Post reports that there are signs that the Latino voter turnout is set to break records, and much... More »

Trump: I'd Win Latino Vote, 'They Love Me'

Dismisses need for apology in NBC interview

(Newser) - This will likely come as a surprise to Latino voters, but Donald Trump tells NBC News that he would win the Latino vote. As for his comments about Mexican immigrants largely being a bunch of rapists and drug dealers , he sees nothing to apologize about:
  • "I have a great
... More »

America Ferrera: Hey, Gracias, Trump!

He's accomplished what Latino voter drives could not, she writes

(Newser) - Enough people have clobbered Donald Trump over his derogatory remarks about Latino immigrants that America Ferrera says she's decided to pass on that. Instead, the actress has a written a heartfelt, if tongue-in-cheek, "thank you" to him in the Huffington Post . Trump, she explains, has succeeded where Latino... More »

Surprise: Turnout Up Despite Voter ID Law

Bryan Preston thinks Democrats' fears have been debunked

(Newser) - Democrats have been warning loudly of the dangers of Texas' voter ID law. But "if voter ID was intended to suppress votes, it is failing as spectacularly as," writes Bryan Preston at CNN . Texas uses its off-year elections to approve or reject certain constitutional amendments. In... More »

In a First, Blacks Voted at Higher Rate Than Whites

African-Americans turned out at a record high 66.2%

(Newser) - The US had a political milestone last November: Black people voted at a higher rate than whites for the first time in history, reports the Los Angeles Times . It was close, with blacks at 66.2% and whites at 64.1%, but long-term trends in both groups suggest that it... More »

Senators Near Deal on Immigration Reform

Bipartisan group includes Rubio, Schumer: Washington Post

(Newser) - Comprehensive immigration reform has been stuck in limbo for years, but President Obama's domination of the ever-growing Latino vote last fall seems to have changed that, reports the Washington Post . It says a group of six senators from both parties—including Florida's Marco Rubio—is close to the... More »

Eva Longoria: Political 'Power Player'

She helps Obama on immigration, he helps her on tattoos: WSJ

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal today anoints none other than Eva Longoria—she of Desperate Housewives and Hottest Woman of the Year honors—as a DC "power player" given her role as Hispanic activist. The profile notes that she has hired one of Bono's advisers, hoping to duplicate his... More »

Dear GOP, Learn Spanish

Kathleen Parker: Republican message to Latinos has been disastrous

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker has two words of advice for Republicans today in her Washington Post column: "Learn Spanish." She doesn't mean it literally—nothing's worse, she writes, than hearing a US politician "pandering" to Latino voters with a brutal fake accent—but rather "metaphorically."... More »

GOP's Latino Jam: 'Angry White Guys'

Amnesty offer could split GOP in two: Patrik Jonsson

(Newser) - Republicans have a serious Latino-voter problem, and fixing it could spark a painful public debate that wrenches the party in two, writes Patrik Jonsson at the Christian Science Monitor . Latinos played a big role in reelecting President Obama, comprising 10% of voters and backing him by 71%. But if the... More »

Women Favor Obama By 18 Points

Quinnipiac gives president a small lead overall

(Newser) - President Obama still holds a small lead over Mitt Romney, and it's thanks entirely to his popularity with women and minorities, according to a new Quinnipiac poll . The poll has Obama ahead 49% to 45% overall, but his support among women is especially strong at 56% to 38%, and... More »

New Voting Laws May Block 10M Hispanics From Polls

Could impact election outcome: study

(Newser) - Voter ID laws are already quite controversial , and a new study will probably make them even more so: It finds that more than 10 million Hispanic US citizens could be prevented from voting thanks to new laws in 23 states. The number is so high that it could swing election... More »

Romney to Latinos: I'll Permanently Fix Immigration

Critics smell an Etch-a-Sketch moment

(Newser) - Mitt Romney will try to win over some of the nation's skeptical Hispanic voters today, with a speech at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that marks a shift in his tone on immigration. "Americans may disagree about how to fix our immigration system, but I think we... More »

Hey, GOP: Make Mitt Your Last Bland White Guy

Time for party to win over youth, Latinos: Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - For this election, Mitt Romney will do: After the hype surrounding candidate Obama, America's ready for "the bland Mr. Fixit type." Afterward, however, the GOP needs to stop kidding itself and get young and Hispanic voters on board, writes Jonah Goldberg in the Los Angeles Times . But... More »

Meet George Bush 3.0

Jeb's son 'P' could be on cusp of political career

(Newser) - The next-generation George Bush could be getting ready for the political spotlight. George Prescott Garnica Bush, 36, is the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the nephew of Dubya, and the grandson of George HW Bush. And while that pedigree has always made him a potential political contender, he... More »

Hispanic Voters Focus on Economy, Not Immigration

Other issues ranked above immigration: Gallup poll

(Newser) - Mitt Romney recently rolled out a decidedly more relaxed attitude on immigration , likely in an attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters—but perhaps he needn't have bothered: A new Gallup poll finds that registered Hispanic voters in the US care more about a whole host of other issues than... More »

Dems Lick Chops Over Arizona Immigration Law

If Supreme Court upholds, they'll force Republicans to pick a side on prickly issue

(Newser) - Even if the Supreme Court upholds Arizona's immigration law this summer, Senate Democrats are just going to go ahead and stick Republicans between a rock and a hard place on the controversial law. Chuck Schumer is set to announce Plan B today: legislation that would require the approval of... More »

Romney Pushes Back on 'Anti-Immigrant' Charge

Says Gingrich attack 'unbecoming of a presidential candidate'

(Newser) - Immigration took center stage today as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich fought for votes among Latinos in Florida:
  • Romney criticized Gingrich for calling him "anti-immigrant," calling it "very sad for a candidate to resort to that sort of epithet," reports ABC . At a Univision forum, he
... More »

'Mexican Mitt' Rips Romney on Twitter

He parodies ex-governor's push for Latino vote

(Newser) - As Mitt Romney battles for Latino support, a new Twitter account has popped up to parody his efforts. User @MexicanMitt launched the feed by tweeting, "Corporations are peoples, my amigos!" The account appeared yesterday, following the real Romney's comment this weekend that his father was born in... More »

Obama: Let Illegals Stay While Applying for Documents

Proposal wouldn't require Congress' OK

(Newser) - President Obama will today propose a change in immigration rules: Under the suggested regulation, undocumented immigrants wouldn't have to leave the country while they apply for green cards. Current regulations can split families during the lengthy application process: Illegals who leave are subject to a ban from returning lasting... More »

Obama Makes Push for Latino Voters

Speaks today with largest Hispanic advocacy group

(Newser) - President Obama will speak today to La Raza, the country’s top Hispanic advocacy group, as he aggressively pursues the Latino vote in 2012. He’s already been the first sitting president since JFK to visit Puerto Rico, nominated the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice, given a major speech on... More »

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