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Twitter, Google, and Virgin roll out doozeys

(Newser) - You may have seen Google's plan to "shut down YouTube," but that wasn't the only media-perpetrated April Fool's prank today, CNN reports. Among the day's best:
  • Twitter (sorry, "Twttr") announced that vowels are no longer permitted in tweets, so as to facilitate
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Branson to Pilot Sub to Deepest Spots on Earth

Mogul plans journeys to bottom of earth in Virgin Oceanic Expeditions

(Newser) - Billionaire adventurer Richard Branson has turned his attention to the least known part of our planet: the ocean. Branson unveiled plans yesterday to send a deep-sea submarine to five of the deepest points on Earth, reports the Los Angeles Times. Fellow adventurer Chris Welsh will pilot the craft to the... More »

Branson's Next Launch: Virgin Internet Bank

Exploiting the public's discontent with banks, Virgin could bid for Northern Rock

(Newser) - Capitalizing on public disgust with Britain’s big banks, Richard Branson plans to launch an Internet bank through subsidiary Virgin Money that will take deposits and offer mortgages, the Guardian reports. Branson is talking to investors and some US banks about financial backing and could set in motion more ambitious... More »

'Sir Richard, What Is That White Stuff?'

Airline chief Branson gets complaint about food

(Newser) - Sir Richard Branson personally responded to a “constructive if tongue-in-cheek” complaint letter from a Virgin Atlantic passenger, reprinted in the Telegraph. The beleaguered (and unnamed) flyer likened the dining experience to an awful Christmas morning. “You open the present and it’s not in there. It’s your... More »

Did Air Ace Fossett Fake His Death?

Questions surround disappearance

(Newser) - Air adventurer Steve Fossett may have faked his own death, reports the tabloid News of the World. No wreckage was ever found after Fossett disappeared last year in a light plane over the Nevada desert. Fossett didn't bother to wear his GPS watch—and he may have had strong motives... More »

UK Nationalizes Northern Rock

Bank takeover marks desperate move for British ministers

(Newser) - British ministers plan to nationalize Northern Rock as part of a bold, desperate move to rescue the struggling bank, the BBC reports. Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling said two private bids to take over Northern Rock failed to offer “sufficient value for money to the taxpayer,” adding... More »

Nationalization May Loom for Northern Rock

Branson's Virgin bid for troubled bank needs improvement, UK gov't says

(Newser) - Troubled British mortgage lender Northern Rock’s share price plummeted 8% today as rumors of government nationalization grew after the Treasury panned rescue plans offered by Richard Branson's Virgin Group and a competing version from the bank’s management team, the BBC reports. Though shareholders reportedly prefer management's bid, the... More »

Northern Rock Bailout Plan a Money Shuffle

Deal pays back government loans, but public still on the hook

(Newser) - The British government today unveiled its last-gasp plan to hand off the Northern Rock hot potato and prevent nationalization, the London Times reports. Under the plan, the bank would immediately pay back the £25 billion it owes the government by selling the debt to private investors as bonds. But... More »

Northern Rock Boss Quits as Fall Continues

$570M writedown posted; sale of troubled bank months away

(Newser) - The CEO of collapsing British bank Northern Rock quit this morning without comment, reports the Financial Times. Adam Applegarth resigned last month but had pledged to stay on as CEO until the end of January to guide the struggling company through its upcoming sale. But investors are troubled by the... More »

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