Treaty of Lisbon

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EU Convulses, the World Could Care Less

Time for the Union to get relevant, writes columnist

(Newser) - The EU has been wracked with self-doubt and indecision in the days since the Irish electorate voted down the Treaty of Lisbon. But watching the turmoil unfold from Beijing, Financial Times columnist Philip Stephens observes just how introverted the Union has become. At a critical moment in the history of... More »

EU Divided in Wake of Ireland's 'No' Vote

Rejection could kill reform plans

(Newser) - Irish voters' rejection of a treaty to reform the EU has left the bloc in turmoil, the BBC reports. France, Germany, and Britain say EU countries should continue to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, while the Czech president declared it dead. Fourteen of the 27 EU countries have approved the agreement,... More »

EU Reform in Peril As Ireland Votes No

Brussels plunged into chaos after referendum fails

(Newser) - Ireland has rejected the Treaty of Lisbon, dashing years of effort to reform the European Union. The Irish Times cites preliminary reports that the "no" vote has prevailed with about 52%, won mainly among rural and urban working class areas. The ruling and opposition parties both supported the treaty,... More »

Irish Vote Could Make Stew of European Unity

Thumbs-down on Thursday would derail years of negotiations

(Newser) - European Union reformers are aghast at the possibility that Irish voters could derail years of negotiations Thursday with a rejection of the constitution-like Lisbon Treaty, the Financial Times reports. Ireland is alone among the EU's 27 members in offering citizens a referendum on the treaty, which streamlines and consolidates EU... More »

Foes Mobilize to Block Blair as First Euro Prez

Iron support for US still rankles

(Newser) - Stiff opposition is mounting against the possibility of former British prime minister Tony Blair being named the first president of Europe. A "Stop Blair" website has been launched, and a cross-party caucus in the European parliament is forming to campaign against him. A new treaty about to be ratified... More »

EU Leaders Sign New Treaty

But some clamor for referendum

(Newser) - Two years after the French and Dutch rejected the European Constitution, leaders of the 27 EU nations are signing the new Treaty of Lisbon today, aimed to strengthen union decision-making. Unlike the previous document, this one does not require nation-by-nation referendums to be ratified. That's caused a tremendous political headache... More »

6 Stories