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Ingraham Returns to Fox, Goes Whole Hog on Free Speech

The 'Left' is trying to 'silence conservatives,' host said Monday night on 'The Ingraham Angle'

(Newser) - Laura Ingraham returned to her Fox News show Monday night, as promised by the network, after a week off from the controversy over her snarky tweet toward Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. But although Ingraham didn't mention the hubbub directly, Deadline notes she was back Monday in "full... More »

Parkland Survivor Mocked by Ingraham Calls for Boycott

David Hogg urges followers to boycott Fox News host's advertisers

(Newser) - Parkland survivor David Hogg, one of the leaders of the teen activists calling for gun control in the wake of the Florida school shooting, is asking supporters to boycott sponsors of Laura Ingraham's Fox News show after Ingraham mocked him—and at least one is pulling its ads from... More »

Google's Big Headache Involves Its Ads, Nazis, ISIS

There's a boycott underway in the UK

(Newser) - Major British advertisers wary of being associated with Nazis, Islamic radicals, and homophobic preachers have been pulling their ads from YouTube and Google. The British government joined big banks and other companies in the ad boycott in recent days after their ads appeared next to extremist content, Mashable reports. The... More »

NFL Ratings Are Tumbling

One theory is that the election is stealing interest

(Newser) - The NFL has endured criticism about concussions , allegations about domestic violence among its players, and Tom Brady's DeflateGate , and yet the viewers kept coming back to the networks for more gameplay every Sunday (and Monday and Thursday and Saturday). Until now, per the Wall Street Journal , which reports on... More »

The View's Nurse Diss Ends Up Costing It Money

Johnson & Johnson, Eggland's Best didn't appreciate co-hosts' comments

(Newser) - One advertiser on The View has "paused" its ads and another has yanked them entirely after controversial remarks about a Miss America contestant made by co-hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, CNNMoney reports. Johnson & Johnson and Eggland's Best reacted to Monday's segment about Miss Colorado Kelley... More »

141 Companies on Limbaugh Ad Exodus

McDonald's, NBC, US Army join the anti-Rush list

(Newser) - The Limbaugh advertising stampede is now officially an exodus. What was "only" 45 companies listed last week has expanded into a mass migration of 141 advertisers, according to an internal Premiere Radio Networks memo obtained by the Traffic Directors Guild of America . The memo lists 96 national companies that... More »

SNL Has Limbaugh's New Sponsors

Mosquito breeders, dolphin bits, Syria tourism, suggests the show

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh may be bleeding sponsors —one count now has the number fleeing his show up to 98 —because of his "slut" comment, but Saturday Night Live had some suggestions last night about who might fill the advertising void. A few of the highlights, as per Mediaite... More »

Rush Limbaugh Advertisers' Exodus Hits 45

Rock band Rush joins advertisers departing radio show

(Newser) - The stampede for the exits from Rush Limbaugh's radio show is showing no signs of slowing down: Some 45 advertisers have now pulled their ads, according to Media Matters , which is keeping a running tally . Many of them, including the Girl Scouts and Netflix , say they had bought advertising... More »

Rush Limbaugh Too Big to Fail

Even after Sandra Fluke comments, Rush won't go anywhere

(Newser) - Advertisers are still jumping ship from Rush Limbaugh's show in the wake of his comments about Sandra Fluke , and the Los Angeles Times notes that he has now lost 11. Which means that even for Rush, one expert notes, this controversy is pretty bad. Limbaugh is probably experiencing the... More »

UK Bans 'Too Perfect' Julia Roberts L'Oreal Ad

Over-airbrushed Roberts—and Turlington—ads yanked

(Newser) - Julia Roberts looks like she hasn't aged a day in her new makeup ad. Now British advertising authorities have told L'Oreal it went too far touching up Roberts'—and Christy Turlington's—face. The cosmetics firm was ordered to pull two overly airbushed magazine ads featuring the... More »

Decoding DC's Strange Ads

Turns out many of them are aimed at policymakers, not you

(Newser) - Commute around Washington, DC, for a while, and you’ll notice a plethora of mystifying advertisements: A bus ad reading, “WE DON’T MAKE UAVs”; a radio ad touting a company’s “GCE Solution”; a mysterious subway ad with just one clue, the acronym “ISR.” You... More »

Facebook Makes Privacy Policy Easier to Read

It has less gobbledygook, though policy itself remains the same

(Newser) - Facebook is attempting to make its privacy policy more user friendly—it's deployed "the Facebook design experience" to a chunk of legalese that many users found challenging to understand. Noting that the previous policy was "longer than the US constitution," the site has created a new draft... More »

Advertisers Ditching Too-Hot Skins

Wrigley joins Taco Bell and GM

(Newser) - The new barrier-busting MTV series Skins might not be child porn , but a mounting list of squeamish advertisers are deserting the popular show. The Wrigley Company has become the third sponsor to ditch the show, following the lead of GM and Taco Bell, reports the Hollywood Reporter . "Wrigley has... More »

Parents Group to TV Shows: Stop Sexualizing Teen Girls

Parents Television Council Says Underage Girls Are Raunchy Punchlines

(Newser) - A parents' watchdog group says primetime TV shows are obsessed with turning teenage girls into sex objects, reports the Hollywood Reporter . "They can tone it down," says the president of the Parents Television Council. The group looked at the most popular shows on broadcast TV (cable got a... More »

MySpace Leaks User Data, Too

But, apparently, it's not quite as bad as Facebook

(Newser) - Poor MySpace: Even in a privacy flap, it has a hard time competing with Facebook. In the wake of the latest Facebook privacy uproar—some apps on the social networking site have been leaking user data —comes news that MySpace has similar problems. Both MySpace itself as well as... More »

Facebook Handing Advertisers Names, Hometowns

Firms can trace users' identities, jobs, sex preferences

(Newser) - Despite promises to the contrary, Facebook and MySpace are supplying information to advertisers that can be used to find an individual's name, age, hometown and occupation, reports the Wall Street Journal . Typically on the Web, advertisers receive nothing more than an unintelligible string of letters and numbers "identifying" an... More »

Time for Beck to Back Up 'Racist' Jab or Apologize

As advertisers flee, the facts become taboo

(Newser) - The boycott of Glenn Beck by America's biggest advertisers has reached unprecedented levels, writes Eric Boehlert for Media Matters. "All of Beck's big-time advertisers have fled. All of them." And yet Beck and Fox News seem to have a collective case of amnesia and won't acknowledge the reason—... More »

Fall Fashion Mags Shed a Few Pounds

Advertisers slowly turn to the Internet

(Newser) - Fashion magazines’ typically beefy September issues are nearly a third skinnier this year as advertisers drift away from print, the Wall Street Journal reports. Vogue, for example, boasted 840 pages in September 2007; this year, it’s just 429 pages, a 36% drop from last year. Advertisers are trying out... More »

Facebook Crosses Line on Privacy ... Again

Recognize that face in an ad? It could be your friend—or you.

(Newser) - Imagine Peter Smith’s surprise when an ad for “hot singles” on Facebook featured a picture of … his wife. The site blames that flap on a third-party company violating policy, but the incident underscores Facebook’s notoriously unclear privacy settings, writes Bob Sullivan for MSNBC: “A hard-to-spot... More »

Jackson Death Boosts New Media, Troubles Old

Mainstream media overwhelmed by stories from the blogosphere

(Newser) - The onslaught of rumors, reports, and sometimes-true-sometimes-not stories about Michael Jackson has given a boost to new media sites like TMZ—which ran more than 150 Jackson stories in the week after his death—while mainstream press finds itself painstakingly sifting through stories to find the truth. “This is... More »

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