Chi Mak

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US Throws Book at Chinese 'Sleeper' Spy

One of many highly skilled—and patient— agents for Beijing

(Newser) - Chi Mak, a Chinese-born engineer, lived quietly with his wife in the LA suburbs for more than two decades, slowly working his way up the ladder at a US defense contractor. Eventually, he gained a security clearance—and access to plans for Navy ships, submarines and weapons, which he secretly... More »

Engineer Gets 24 Years in China Spy Case

Lawyer calls case 'politically transparent' and vows to appeal

(Newser) - A judge sentenced Chinese-born engineer Chi Mak to 24 years in prison today for conspiring to send US military data to China, the Los Angeles Times reports. A US assistant attorney argued that Mak, 67, had violated US law even though the data on Navy submarines was not classified. Mak,... More »

Engineer Guilty Of Attempted Espionage

Jury convicts California man of trying to send defense docs to China

(Newser) - A Chinese-American engineer could get up to 35 years for trying to funnel classified U.S. defense technology to China. A federal jury in California convicted 66-year-old Chi Mak, a naturalized citizen who worked for an Anaheim defense contractor, of conspiring to send top secret plans for submarine propulsion technology... More »

3 Stories