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Spoiled Chinese Kids Get Traditional Lessons

Self-made parents face badly behaved offspring

(Newser) - China's new millionaires have ridden the waves of the country's transforming economy, but not so their children, writes the Washington Post. Raised in privilege and coddled by parents who obeyed the country's one-child policy, the nation's "little emperors and princes" have little experience of hardship and spend money lavishly.... More »

China Faces Baby Boomlet

Echoes of relaxed one-child rule, healthy economy will manifest soon

(Newser) - China is bracing for a bumper crop of babies as kids born after the relaxation of the strict one-child policy in 1984 start their own families, the London Times reports. Strict penalties still apply to couples with more than one child, but tradition-bound and wealthy Chinese can afford to pay... More »

2 Stories