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GOP Lacks Focus, Leaders on Health Care

Dems' organization on issue towers over Republicans'

(Newser) - While Democrats build up serious steam on health-care reform, the GOP has been left behind, with no firm message, no plan, little funding, and no clear leaders on the issue, writes Carrie Budoff Brown for Politico. Republicans fear the lag could make opposition to President Obama’s plans difficult. “... More »

Just About Out of Ammunition

Clinton made mess in NC—and has all but lost her crucial blue-collar argument

(Newser) - The pundits agree that Hillary Clinton barely has a leg to stand on, though explanations vary:
  • John Dickerson writes in Slate that Barack Obama closed the door on his blue-collar problem, shaking off the elitist label. Evidence is that Obama barely lost among poorer voters and actually won in “
... More »

Between Barack and a Hard Place

Clinton can't win, but if she keeps winning, she can't quit, either

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton can’t win the Democratic nomination, Charlie Cook concedes in the National Journal, but if she keeps winning primaries, she’s stuck in “political purgatory:" She can’t quit, either. The primary system is such that for all Clinton's big-state victories and the media flak buffeting... More »

Momentum Makes Obama the Leader

Shift in white voters is sparking shift in black voters

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s double-digit lead in national polls is “meaningless,” says MSNBC’s Howard Fineman, and her campaign is in danger of collapse because the race’s direction—toward Barack Obama—is what matters. Black voters are waiting to see whether Obama can win over whites in Iowa... More »

4 Stories