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Top 25 Highest-Paid Women

Fortune ranks corporate hotshots

(Newser) - Which female executives are taking home the most cash? Fortune ranks the top 25 corporate bigwigs based on 2009 compensation. Here's the top of the list:
  1. Carol Bartz, Yahoo; president and CEO: $47.2 million.
  2. Safra Catz, Oracle; president: $36.4 million.
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Taxpayers Must Become Activist Investors: Icahn

What the government did at GM should be a lesson: get rid of bad leadership

(Newser) - Barney Frank was right when he said a retention bonus is “a nice word, it turns out, for extortion,” writes Carl Icahn for the Huffington Post. “Very few managers are irreplaceable, especially in this economy”—so why do they get paid extra to stay with a... More »

Gates Departure Should Calm the Waters

Joint leadership with Ballmer slowed, hurt Microsoft's growth

(Newser) - Bill Gates’ departure from full-time employment at Microsoft on June 27 will end 8 contentious years in which Gates has attempted to stay onboard while nominally beneath his close friend and new CEO, Steve Ballmer. Though they built the company together, this “ambassadorial succession” produced mixed results, with Gates... More »

Motorola Left Holding Troubled Handset Unit

With no buyer in sight for wireless equipment division, company may look to self-reform

(Newser) - It’s looking increasingly important for Motorola to shore up its troubled handset unit itself, as no buyers have materialized in the near-month since the company said it was exploring options for the business, reports BusinessWeek. Fixing the problematic division would make it easier to attract a higher sale price,... More »

Being a Tech CEO Means Having to Say You're Sorry

Apologizing seen as key skill in Silicon Valley

(Newser) - Saying "sorry" has become a necessary skill for tech execs, Forbes reports—from AMD's CEO, who apologized yesterday for delaying its latest chip launch, to Facebook's founder, who begged forgiveness after an advertising program violated users' privacy. The frequency of technology leaders' public contrition testifies to the power of... More »

5 Stories