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Bosses Do Deserve Higher Pay

They're worth 1.75 regular workers: study

(Newser) - We all enjoy a good gripe session over our bosses, but it turns out middle management may just get a bad rap. Researchers find that an average boss is worth more to the company than an average worker—1.75 times more, to be precise, a figure that matches the... More »

Office Romance Comes Out of the Supply Closet

More employees see no reason to hide their love, and bosses are on board

(Newser) - The stigma of office romance is swiftly slipping away, bringing a time-honored—and surprisingly traditional—method of courtship out into the open. A recent survey shows 67% of employees see no reason to pretend they’re not dating a coworker, up from 54% in 2005. And no wonder. “The... More »

Capt. Sully Plans Return to Flying

Hero pilot will also become part of US Airways' safety management team

(Newser) - Chesley Sullenberger, who saved the passengers and crew of US Airways Flight 1549 when he executed daring water landing on the Hudson River in January, will soon return to flying. The hero pilot's return to the cockpit is imminent, the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles reports. In addition to flying,... More »

Cost-Cutting Companies Target No. 2 Execs

Corporations eliminate second-in-command roles to save on costs

(Newser) - Cost-cutting at American's largest corporations is hitting the executive suite, with CEOs rolling up their sleeves to take on more day-to-day responsibilities and laying off their No. 2s. In the 18 months leading up to June 2009, 40 major companies eliminated COOs or presidents, the Wall Street Journal notes, while... More »

British Execs Released After Latest French 'Bossnapping'

(Newser) - In the latest demonstration of French employees refusing to take job losses sitting down, workers at a glue factory took 3 British execs and their French manager hostage last night, and released them today, the BBC reports. The “bossnappers” demanded a renegotiation of their severance package from Scapa, which... More »

Facebook Should 'Unfriend' CEO

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg has made mistakes in the past 6 weeks “that would have led to any normal CEO's firing,” Owen Thomas writes for Gawker, and the Facebook CEO's case should be no different. His three strikes: a privacy-shredding “terms of service disaster,” an “awful redesign,... More »

Study Paves Way for 'Entrepreneur Pill'

Start-up bosses seen to make tough calls under stress; researchers see hormone link

(Newser) - A study that links entrepreneurial success to risky decision-making, a trait less prevalent among buttoned-up business managers, has scientists pondering whether a pill could boost enterprising behavior. Riskiness is associated with the hormone dopamine, which could inject chutzpah into hesitant managers, the Telegraph reports. Critics doubt chemicals are solely responsible,... More »

Bollywood Strike Over; Talent Prevails

(Newser) - The 2-day-old strike involving almost 150,000 Bollywood film workers has been settled, the BBC reports. Producers agreed to abide by an agreement that limits filming sessions to 12 hours and provides generous compensation and timely payment. "The strike is over and tomorrow we will resume work," the... More »

Wanted: Museum Director to Marry Art, Commerce

Unique job description complicates search for Guggenheim, Met, others

(Newser) - American museums are facing a shift in leadership, Newsweek reports, with 20 of the most prominent fine-art institutions—including New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art—in search of directors. A "generational shift" has left institutions seeking specific qualifications: "Ideally... More »

Why Gen Xers Hate Corporate Jobs

10 reasons you won't find Xers in an executive suite

(Newser) - Generation Xers don't seem to be clambering to the top of the corporate ladder in the numbers they should be—and many are turned off by corporate life altogether. BusinessWeek has 10 reasons why this might be so:
  1. Xers started their careers just as the economy went into its early
... More »

2nd Possible CEO Successor Quits Cisco

A leadership team will replace Charles Giancarlo

(Newser) - Charles Giancarlo, chief development officer and exec VP of Cisco, will leave the company after 14 years, in the networking giant's second major departure of 2007. Giancarlo, who was seen as a possible successor to CEO John Chambers, will become managing director of private equity firm Silver Lake in January,... More »

Yahoo VPs Dropping Like Flies

And that's a good thing, argues Kara Swisher on All Things Digital

(Newser) - "This slimming down is a good idea, given Yahoo’s VP obesity," writes Kara Swisher in All Things Digital. She says it's not clear who's behind the departures of numerous execs from the notoriously top-heavy company, nor who jumped and who was pushed out. But a source called... More »

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