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Smoking in a Movie? Give It an 'R' Rating

Doing so will cut down on teen smoking: study

(Newser) - Kids who see actors smoking tobacco in movies are more likely to try cigarettes—so any film with a smoking scene should get an R rating, a new study suggests. Researchers surveyed children ages 10 to 14 and found that two-thirds of the smoking scenes they saw were in PG-13... More »

Anonymous Deletes CBS Site

Hackers also take down Universal Music again

(Newser) - Those pesky online pirates known as Anonymous struck again today, knocking offline for "a good period of time" and deleting all of its files, Gizmodo reports. Unlike earlier strikes this week against the Justice Department and the Motion Picture Association of America, the hackers actually deleted everything,... More »

Reid Delays Anti-Piracy Vote

As Republicans solidify PIPA opposition

(Newser) - Harry Reid has postponed Tuesday's test vote on the Senate's anti-piracy bill, after a storm of online protests convinced several of the bill's co-sponsors to switch sides, the AP reports. Democrats have now emerged as the main backers of the PROTECT IP Act, the Wall Street Journal... More »

'Male Nudity' Scares MPAA

New category is pretty darn sexist

(Newser) - Watch a trailer for Jackass 3D, and you might notice that it’s rated R for, among other things, “male nudity.” This struck Brian Patrick Thornton of Jezebel as odd—why specify that it was men who were naked? He did a quick scan through the past five... More »

Twilight 'Bootlegger' Sues Theater After Jail Stint

Suit says she suffered emotional distress

(Newser) - An Illinois woman who spent 2 days in jail for taping part of Twilight: New Moon is suing the movie theater that ratted her out. Samantha Tumpach, 22, says she wasn’t trying to pirate the movie; she was out celebrating with friends, and the video she shot was primarily... More »

DVD Dogs Sniff Out Pirates

MPAA enlists canine crimefighters for battle against counterfeiters

(Newser) - Two dogs trained to sniff out counterfeit DVDs are so good at their jobs that infuriated pirates have put a bounty on their heads, Wired reports. The dogs—Labrador retrievers who were taught to detect the scent of polycarbonate—have helped locate millions of fake discs hidden in warehouses and... More »

Pirate Act to Take Senate Floor, Again

Would enable Justice Dept. to prosecute illegal downloaders

(Newser) - Legislation that would enable the Justice Department to prosecute those who partake in peer-to-peer copyright infringement is coming before Congress—for the fourth time—now sponsored by Senators Patrick Leahy and John Conryn. But while it's popular among lawmakers and corporate copyright holders alike, the Pirate Act hasn't seen too... More »

MPAA Snuffs Onscreen Smoking

Flicks with cancer sticks will draw tougher rating

(Newser) - Cigarette and cigar smoking will be considered alongside violence, profanity, nudity, and drug use in assigning ratings, the MPAA announced yesterday. Any film that glamorizes the habit or features lighting up outside of "an historic  or other mitigating context "could face a box-office-busting R.  More »

8 Stories