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Man Speaks No French, Wins French Scrabble Title

Nigel Richards apparently memorized the whole French Scrabble dictionary

(Newser) - You know that sense of accomplishment you get when you play all seven tiles in Scrabble? That ranks somewhere below child's play for Nigel Richards, who not only just won a Scrabble world championship, but won the French-language version. Oh, and the New Zealand native speaks no French. He... More »

8 of the Newest Words in Merriam-Webster

Dictionary updates with 1.7K new entries, including 'WTF' and 'vocal fry'

(Newser) - Scrabble updated its dictionary last week, and now it's Merriam-Webster's turn. The dictionary has added 1,700 new entries, and many revolve around our online world, notes Time . Here are eight examples, along with the official definitions from M-W :
  • WTF: "what the f---, used especially to express
... More »

Now You Can Play Ridic, Obvs, Bezzy in Scrabble

Lolz, too: Dictionary embraces new and not-so-new slang

(Newser) - One of the most widely used Scrabble dictionaries is making room for 6,500 new entries. The hard-core will want to make note of quinzhee, an Inuit snow shelter that the BBC notes will rack up 29 points, followed closely by checkbox at 28. But everyone else gets to scoff... More »

Scrabble Cheat Busted at National Championship

Young player was spotted hiding blank tiles

(Newser) - A young Scrabble player has been ejected—or, for a higher word score, expelled—from the national championship tournament in Florida for cheating. Organizers say the player was busted after a player at another table watched him conceal a pair of blank "wild card" tiles, the AP reports. When... More »

Scrabble Player Accused of Hiding 'G' at Championship

But officials refuse to perform a strip-search

(Newser) - The World Scrabble Championship wrapped up yesterday in Warsaw, and not without more than a little drama. A Thai player became convinced that England's Ed Martin had squirreled away a 'G' tile—and demanded that he be hauled to the bathroom and strip-searched. Officials declined, the Telegraph reports,... More »

Scrabble Dictionary Adds 'Thang,' 'Grrl'

But apparently not for US players

(Newser) - Kinda cool: You can now use Indian words like "aloo" and "gobi" in Scrabble. Not so cool: You can also use slang words like "thang," "innit," and (cringe) "grrl." All of the above have been added to Collins Official Scrabble Words, a... More »

Pink-Wigged Transsexual Grabs Scrabble Crown

Mikki Nicholson clocks the competition with 'obeisant'

(Newser) - How many points for "unforgettable"? Pink-wigged transsexual Mikki Nicholson woke up the stodgy image of Scabble yesterday when she grabbed Britain's top game award with the word "obeisant" (look it up) finally putting her over the top. "I'm thrilled to have won and I can't wait... More »

Scrabble Allows Proper Nouns in 'Trickster' Version

Rules won't change for original game

(Newser) - Just imagine "Jay-Z" as a triple word score: A new edition of Scrabble will bring with it a change to one of the game’s cardinal rules—proper nouns will be legal. Mattel won’t regulate which names are allowed or introduce any rules governing spelling, it’ll just... More »

Most Promising iPad Apps

From Netflix to Scrabble, Gizmodo runs down the hot list

(Newser) - You don't have your iPad yet, but the App Store is already open and promising wonders—pricey wonders. Gizmodo takes a look at the applications you won't want to go without:
  • Netflix: The streaming video player is free, but you need to shell out a monthly fee.
  • Marvel: "The
... More »

10 Board Games Still Fun for Adults

Let's be honest, Risk and Monopoly were never for kids anyway

(Newser) - You probably loved board games as a kid—and guess what? Some of them are still fun now. Ten of the best, courtesy of teagueb at LikeMe :
  1. Payday: It never got as popular as the similar LIFE, but it’s even cooler because it’s measured in real time—meaning
... More »

'Zzz' Spells Discontent for Scrabble Enthusiasts

Some game fans lobby for rules change

(Newser) - If you sigh in resignation every time you pull a Z or Q out of the Scrabble letter bag, new additions to the game’s official word list probably have you sighing in relief. But aficionados say the expanding list—now including “za,” “qi,” and “... More »

Amy's Latest Shenanigans: Topless Scrabble

Vacationing singer shares more than just spelling tips will fellow resort guests

(Newser) - After rescuing a beachgoer and stealing drinks from other hotel guests, Amy Winehouse wrapped up her Caribbean vacation with some topless Scrabble, the Sun reports. “While taking a break from her usual antics on the beach, Amy spotted some people playing Scrabble and decided to offer her spelling knowledge,... More »

C-E-R-T-A-I-N Scrabble Winners

ZQFMGB not included

(Newser) - Sure, Bart Simpson could fake it at Scrabble—but for those of us playing against a wit sharper than Homer's, here are some gems Mental Floss magazine dug up that actually mean something:
  • Cwm: A valley created by glacial shifts.
  • Adz: An axe-like woodworking tool.
  • Xu: The currency of Vietnam.
... More »

Scrabulous Creators Spite Hasbro With 'Wordscraper'

Remodeled Facebook app seeks to get around copyright issues

(Newser) - The creators of Scrabulous are determined: Just 2 days after Hasbro forced Facebook to ditch their wildly popular online Scrabble impersonator, Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla have introduced Wordscraper, Silicon Alley Insider reports. The new game looks less like Scrabble than Scrabulous and offers a few rule changes, but it may... More »

Facebook Y-A-N-K-S Scrabulous

Popular Scrabble clone unable to withstand legal pressure

(Newser) - Facebook took down the wildly popular ‘Scrabulous’ this morning, PC Magazine reports, following a legal attack against the game's creators by the rights holders of Scrabble. The site finally folded to pressure after receiving a takedown notice from Hasbro, as well as Mattel, which owns international rights to the... More »

Hasbro Sues Scrabulous, Warns Facebook

Game maker says unsanctioned online version must go

(Newser) - The makers of Scrabble say Scrabulous must go. Hasbro today sued the creators of the online knockoff, which is wildly popular on Facebook, and warned the social networking site to dtich the game, ABC News reports. No word yet on whether that will happen. Hasbro recently released its own online... More »

Scrabble Seduces Senegal

Nation that has come to dominate French competition hosts world championships

(Newser) - Despite the country’s 40% literacy rate, Senegal considers Scrabble as important as the national soccer team, and this week hosts the Francophone Scrabble World Championships. Senegalese dominated last year’s event, the BBC reports, and hope to repeat on home turf. “Nowhere else in the world can you... More »

End of Scrabulous Finally Near?

Facebook's official Scrabble application could oust popular game

(Newser) - Facebook users anticipating a goodbye to the site’s popular unofficial Scrabble game may finally see it happen when an official one comes out later this month. Hasbro and Electronic Arts are preparing the alternative to Scrabulous, which Hasbro says infringes on its copyrights. “We are keeping our legal... More »

Sellers, Fans at Odds Over Scrabulous

Companies debate legal action as 700K play online knock-off daily

(Newser) - Scrabble knock-off Scrabulous is a hit online, but sellers of the original board game have cried piracy and may take their claim to court, the New York Times reports. Tens of thousands of Scrabulous players have threatened to boycott Hasbro and Mattel if they shut down the Facebook-friendly game, which... More »

Tonight May Be Game Over for Scrabulous

Creators scramble to make a deal as deadline looms

(Newser) - Scrabulous—the wildly popular Facebook app based (without permission) on Scrabble—may have to fold up its board tonight. Hasbro and Mattel, which jointly own the rights to the board game, have set the deadline for the online game to either shut itself down or sell itself to Electronic Arts,... More »

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