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Woman Goes Directly to Jail After Monopoly Attack

Laura Chavez allegedly stabs boyfriend after boardgame gone wrong

(Newser) - Monopoly and going directly to jail have never combined in such a literal fashion: A 60-year-old Santa Fe woman went straight to you-know-where after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend following a game of Monopoly gone wrong. Police say Laura Chavez copped to attacking the 48-year-old man last week with a kitchen... More »

Scrabble Player Accused of Hiding 'G' at Championship

But officials refuse to perform a strip-search

(Newser) - The World Scrabble Championship wrapped up yesterday in Warsaw, and not without more than a little drama. A Thai player became convinced that England's Ed Martin had squirreled away a 'G' tile—and demanded that he be hauled to the bathroom and strip-searched. Officials declined, the Telegraph reports,... More »

In Newest Monopoly, No Money?

In Monopoly Live, the banker is ... a computer

(Newser) - If you're one of those people who loves to argue over the rules of Monopoly, Hasbro's newest version of the classic board game may not be for you. In Monopoly Live, there's no money, no banker, no dice, no Chance and Community Chest cards, and no need to read the... More »

3 Stories