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Aristotle's Lost Tomb May Have Finally Been Discovered

The philosopher died 2.4K years ago, but no one knew where he was buried

(Newser) - Nearly 2,400 years after his death, archaeologists believe they've finally found the tomb of Aristotle. Researchers made the discovery during a 20-year dig in the ancient Greek city of Stagira, reports Atlas Obscura . Aristotle was born there in 384 BC, but he died in a different city, Chalcis,... More »

Bah, Happiness: Gloom Is Normal

Sadness is a normal emotion, not a disease, cries anti-joy crowd

(Newser) - Maybe you're feeling a little down—not to worry! Turn to self-help books, psychiatrists, little blue pills, or Dr. Phil to make you happier! But in Against Happiness, melancholy Eric Wilson rails against our culture’s “craven disregard for the value of sadness.” And a growing wave of... More »

Data Digger Arms Pols With Dirt on Voters

Gives scoop on your friends, arrests, finances, web habits

(Newser) - Political data miner Aristotle Inc has worked for every president since Reagan, 200 House candidates last year, and several current presidential hopefuls. Now the firm’s founder is debuting technology that breaks ground in accessing private information—revealing voters’ income, house value, conviction history, and even online behavior. One privacy... More »

3 Stories