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Homeland Security Tests 'Pre-Crime' Detectors

'Non-intrusive' sensors collect data on prospective crooks

(Newser) - Homeland Security is trying to make Hollywood's science-fiction fantasies come true, CNET reports. While the Tom Cruise film Minority Report portrayed psychics who predict crimes, DHS officials are using a "prototype screening facility" to "detect cues indicative of mal-intent" in people, according to a DHS document. The... More »

Want to Make Your Flight? Chill Out

40 airports single out nervous, twitchy travelers for searches

(Newser) - Nervous fliers, beware: Some 600 security guards at 40 US airports are scanning crowds for passengers who exhibit unusual stress or fear. The federal program aims to create “a new layer of unpredictability” at checkpoints, says the TSA administrator, but has civil rights advocates crying foul and security experts... More »

2 Stories