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'Known Prankster,' Delta Battle Over Truth of Plane-Removal Story

Airline denies his claim that it was over him speaking Arabic

(Newser) - A YouTube star with a history of provocative stunts on planes says this time, the incident was real. Adam Saleh says Delta Air Lines removed him and fellow YouTube star Slim Albaher from a New York-bound plane in London Wednesday for speaking Arabic, Al Jazeera reports. In a video retweeted... More »

Passenger Jumps From Plane After Landing in Houston

She won't face charges, police say

(Newser) - Seasoned passengers say they'd never seen anything like it: A female passenger at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport opened an emergency door and jumped 15 feet to the ground via the wing after the plane landed Monday afternoon, NBC-DFW reports. The United Airlines flight from New Orleans had landed... More »

Delta Bans Obnoxious Trump Supporter for Life

Passengers will get full refunds

(Newser) - He should have left the politics on the ground: Delta says a "loud, rude and disrespectful" man who taunted his fellow passengers about Donald Trump's election victory has been banned for life, NBC News reports. The man was filmed standing up on a Nov. 22 flight from Atlanta... More »

Denied Yoga, Sleep-Deprived Flier Goes Wild

He tried to bite, head-butt passengers: prosecutor

(Newser) - An impromptu yoga routine wasn't enough to calm an irate passenger aboard a United Airlines flight that had to be turned around mid-flight on Saturday. Hyongtae Pae, 72, of South Korea was headed home from Hawaii, where he'd celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary, when he felt the urge... More »

Wild Passenger Fatally Swallowed $63K of Cocaine

One of 80 pellets burst in John Kennedy Santos Gurjao's stomach

(Newser) - Authorities now know how a passenger died during this weekend's eventful Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin. A postmortem has determined that Brazilian John Kennedy Santos Gurjao, 24, was carrying almost 2 pounds of suspected cocaine—worth about $63,500–in 80 pellets in his stomach. Then one... More »

Passenger Bites Man, Dies Before Landing

Man 'ran amok' on flight to Ireland

(Newser) - Authorities are hoping a postmortem on a dead passenger will explain the madness that unfolded on a flight from Lisbon to Dublin on Sunday night. According to the Irish Mirror , the man went berserk on Aer Lingus Flight 485 and bit another passenger before crew members were able to restrain... More »

Passengers Team Up to Save Heart Attack Victim

As plane travels through remote territory

(Newser) - A man who suffered a heart attack on a plane survived thanks to some well-trained fellow passengers. A doctor, a pharmacist, and a police officer on board rushed to the man's aid and saved his life, as they recount in the British Medical Journal . To add to the drama,... More »

Woman, 72: Delta Kicked Me Off Plane ... for Looking Sick

Suzanne Hays' daughter says her mother was just sleeping

(Newser) - An elderly woman says a Delta crew treated her "like I had leprosy" when they kicked her off a flight earlier this month … for looking sick. Suzanne Hays, 72, tells First Coast News she felt fine as she waited for her flight to Florida to take off on... More »

The Poignant Last Hours of MH17's Victims

Family, friends remember loved ones who perished

(Newser) - The first victims' bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 are today making their way to the Netherlands, where they'll be met at Eindhoven Air Base by the nation's king, queen, prime minister, and their own relatives, reports the AP . As forensic experts begin the task of identifying victims,... More »

FCC Chair Doesn't Want Phones in Air Either, But...

'...we are not the Federal Courtesy Commission' he explains

(Newser) - A bit of advice for the Federal Communications Commission: Nobody seems to want you to lift your ban on in-flight cell phone use. The Department of Transportation is firmly against the move, as are airlines, flight attendants, and, according to polls, the majority of passengers, the Wall Street Journal finds.... More »

Snoozing Passenger Locked in Plane

He found himself alone in dark aircraft

(Newser) - A passenger who dozed off on a short flight from Lafayette, Louisiana, to Houston awoke Friday night to find himself alone in a cold, dark, locked aircraft. When the flight landed and everybody deplaned, workers somehow missed passenger Tom Wagner sleeping in a window seat. He was freed after he... More »

Flier Won't Get Off Phone, Is Dragged Off Plane

Lindsay Bien-aime allegedy kicks deputy in the groin in the process

(Newser) - Another attempt to stay on the phone during takeoff did not end well for an airplane passenger Sunday. Lindsay Bien-aime allegedly refused to comply with multiple orders from the US Airways crew on the Fort Lauderdale-Charlotte flight to end her conversation, so the plane was forced to stop taxiing to... More »

Fliers Restrain Unruly Passenger With Shoelaces

Alexander Herrera was tackled after trying to open emergency exit

(Newser) - An Alaska Airlines passenger who attempted to open a plane's emergency exit as it began its descent into Portland, Ore., yesterday was tackled by fellow passengers who tied him up with shoelaces, the Oregonian reports. Alexander Herrera, a 23-year-old from Arizona, made "unusual statements" as he went for... More »

Plane Forced Down By Bad Singing

Unruly flyer wouldn't quit warbling Whitney Houston songs

(Newser) - A Los Angeles to New York City flight was forced to make an emergency stop in Kansas City thanks to a different kind of "atmospheric disturbance"—an unruly passenger who refused to stop singing Whitney Houston songs. The woman, who belted out "I Will Always Love You"... More »

Down Syndrome Teen Kept Off Plane as 'Flight Risk'

Airline refuses to allow 'excitable' boy on flight

(Newser) - The parents of a 16-year-old boy with Down syndrome say that they've flown as a family dozens of times, but only had trouble when they tried going first class. The Vanderhorsts say that American Airlines refused to allow them to board their Newark-Los Angeles flight on Sunday, claiming that... More »

Needles Found in Sandwiches on Delta Flights

Needles found on 4 flights; 1 passenger injured

(Newser) - Disturbing news for airline passengers: The FBI is investigating the discovery of sewing needles in four sandwiches on Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam to the US, reports CNN . The needles, which had been placed in turkey sandwiches destined for business class passengers, were found on four separate flights. Two... More »

Where Does Your Airfare Go?

If plane had 100 seats, only one would go toward profit

(Newser) - Long lines, lost luggage, bad food, extra fees, and oodles of delays—with all of our complaints about air travel these days, you probably think the airlines are making scads of cash from your airfare. But, it turns out, you probably think wrong. In fact, if a hypothetical domestic flight... More »

Effing Pro-Choice T-Shirt Keeps Flier Off Plane

Captain orders woman to change before connecting flight

(Newser) - A woman missed an American Airlines connecting flight because she was wearing a pro-choice T-shirt with an obscenity about what she might do to a senator. The captain of a flight the woman was exiting scolded her over the shirt that read: “If I wanted the government in my... More »

'Disoriented' Flier Forces Emergency Landing

Passenger arrested after trying to open cabin door mid-flight

(Newser) - A flight from Portland, Maine, to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing at Boston's Logan airport yesterday after a disoriented passenger apparently decided he wanted to get off in mid-air. The passenger, 40-year-old Michael Ensalaco of North Carolina, walked to an emergency door and tried to open... More »

'Too Fat to Fly' Woman Sues Southwest

Overweight passenger wants airline to clarify policy

(Newser) - A woman who says a Southwest gate agent told her she was "too fat to fly" and needed to buy a second seat is suing the airline—not for money, but for an industry standard to be established for fliers who have to pay for an extra fare, reports... More »

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