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New College Degree: App Making

Grads won't have to look far for work, says Rasmussen College

(Newser) - Want to develop apps for smartphones? Now there's a college degree for that. Rasmussen College, which has campuses in five states and offers online courses, has launched 2- and 4-year degree courses in app making, the Telegraph reports. The director of the college's School of Technology estimates some 300,000... More »

Too Many Phone Numbers? Google Can Help

Promising new free service handles access to all your devices

(Newser) - One phone number for home, two more for work, another for your mobile—Google Voice aims to change that. The new free service, which gives you one internet-based number that dials all your phones, "will take years to reach its full potential," but it looks promising, Hiawatha Bray... More »

Software Blocks Calls While Driving

(Newser) - A new software technology can automatically disable cell phones moving at car speeds, augmenting laws already in place forbidding their use while driving, RealTechNews reports. The developer, Canada's Aegis Mobility, is partnering with Nationwide insurance to offer discounts to adopters. Aegis still needs carrier support but expects the software to... More »

New Phones Compete With Software, Not Hardware

Applications and entertainment options more important than iPhone's aesthetics

(Newser) - The iPhone may have buzz, Wired writes, but the smartphone market is deviating from the model of Apple’s “Jesus phone,” particularly in the software area. Wary of Apple’s restrictive software development policies, Wired pegs the Nokia N95, with an open source application platform, as more influential... More »

Android Bugs Developers

Google's mobile phone software is proving to be tough to work with

(Newser) - Google may have millions of answers, but software developers say the company’s ballyhooed mobile phone software, Android, misses the mark. “It’s clearly not ready for primetime,” says one Seattle-based designer who’s struggled for weeks with bugs and poor documentation, reports the Wall Street Journal. He’... More »

5 Stories