Barbary macaques

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Gibraltar to Kill Pesky Apes

Famous wild monkeys terrorize tourists

(Newser) - Gibraltar has decided to kill a band of its famous Barbary apes that has been harassing tourists and residents, AP reports. The 25-strong group of renegade apes—actually large monkeys—has moved to a popular beach area where the animals have been stealing food and climbing into open windows. The... More »

In Monkey Sex, Screamers Win

Shouting increases chances of fertility, study shows

(Newser) - Exploring why female monkeys shout so much during sex, researchers have found that the shouts actually help their partners to ejaculate, Live Science reports. Researchers from the German Primate Center looked at Barbary macaques and found that males ejaculated 59% of the times their partner yelled, and only 2% of... More »

2 Stories