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Dilbert Creator: How Trump's Taiwan Call Makes 'Perfect Sense'

Scott Adams explains the 'Master Persuader' move

(Newser) - The mainstream media is reporting Donald Trump's phone call with the President of Taiwan as a bad move, something sure to anger China and "exactly the sort of thing that leads to nuclear annihilation," writes Scott Adams on his blog . But remember, this same mainstream media doesn'... More »

Political Drug Arrests Make Obama Unacceptable

Scott Adams thinks Aaron Sandusky's prosecution is a 'firing offense'

(Newser) - No matter how much you like President Obama, you shouldn't vote for him, Dilbert creator Scott Adams argues in his latest provocative blog post . Why? Well, "suppose you found out he once killed an American citizen … to help his reelection," Adams muses. Would you still vote... More »

Society Needs More Boredom

It's what allows us to be creative, Scott Adams argues

(Newser) - Thanks to a dizzying array of gadgets, mankind has finally “won the war on boredom”—and that might not be such a good thing, Scott Adams argues in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal . Boredom, after all, gives our brains time to process things and be creative.... More »

Building a Green House? 'Good Luck With That'

Dilbert's creator would like you to learn from his mistakes

(Newser) - Dilbert creator Scott Adams and his wife have built "what is arguably the greenest home for miles around," he writes. If you'd like to follow suit, he has four words of advice: "Good luck with that." In a Wall Street Journal essay , Adams describes in entertaining... More »

Newser Editors the 'Chefs of the Internet'

'Dilbert' creator loves us, he really loves us

(Newser) - Usually when your humble Newser editors aggregate ourselves, it involves a spat over whether what we do is "stealing" or "news curation." Over at Dilbert.com, creator Scott Adams ignores those niggling details to consider the net result: An aggregator that, though "little more than a... More »

Insert Text Here: 'Dilbert' Goes 2.0

Beloved strip lets fans run the show on the web, with maybe a little author input

(Newser) - Is it another triumph of Web 2.0, or a concession to the rampantly collaborative tone of the Internet these days? Either way, "Dilbert" has gone interactive, the New York Times reports. On the popular comic’s website, fans can now substitute their own pithy retorts for text bubbles... More »

'Dilbert' Mocks Comic Strip Firing

Posted cartoon called bosses 'drunken lemurs'

(Newser) - What came first: the comic strip mocking the office, or the office emulating the comic? Both, in the case of one Iowa casino that fired a man for posting a "Dilbert" cartoon comparing management to "drunken lemurs," the Des Moines Register reports. This week, cartoonist Scott Adams... More »

Worker Axed Over Dilbert Zinger

'Drunken lemurs' not laughing, but worker wins benefits

(Newser) - Bosses at the Catfish Bend Casino in Iowa suffered a sense of humor failure after a Dilbert cartoon referring to decision-makers as "drunken lemurs" appeared on a workplace bulletin board. They checked the security cameras to find the culprit and fired the employee who posted the strip, reports the... More »

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