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In Electric Vehicles, the 'Gas' Is Also the Brake

Welcome to the world of one-pedal driving

(Newser) - It's one of the lines that gets beat into every teenager's brain in driver's ed: Brake left, gas right. But in our new electric-vehicle world, that sentence could use an upgrade. That's because what was once the gas—the proper term for EVs is accelerator—is... More »

BlackBerry Maker Faces 'Storm' of Criticism

Bugs and design flaws in newest, much-anticipated model irk dedicated users

(Newser) - BlackBerry’s newest model, the Storm, has provoked frustration among users over bugs and bad design choices, MSNBC reports. Though the phone gained favorable early impressions for its “clickable” touchscreen, BlackBerry-related websites have recently been buzzing with criticism, as many have found writing email on the screen to be... More »

BlackBerry Storms Onto Touch-Screen Market

'Clickable' screen feels more like a keyboard

(Newser) - Hoping to broaden its corporate image and dethrone the iPhone, Research in Motion unveiled its first touch-screen smart phone today, reports CRN. The BlackBerry Storm will be available later this fall on Verizon’s US network, RIM said. The phone features a unique “clickable” touch screen that depresses slightly... More »

Your Phone Knows Where You Sleep

...And lots of other potentially useful things about the way we live

(Newser) - Your cell phone knows more than it lets on. Most can tell where they are, for starters, and how close other phones are. Since most of us tote them everywhere, our phones could track or analyze movement patterns for huge populations. “This is obviously sort of useful,” says... More »

4 Stories