Mortal Kombat

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Redstone Sued Over Midway Games Sale

Stake in Mortal Kombat company sold for peanuts for tax writeoff

(Newser) - Creditors of the video-game company behind the Mortal Kombat series are suing Sumner Redstone and board members after Redstone, Midway’s former majority owner, sold the company in a “fraudulent transfer,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Creditors say the media mogul sold his 87% stake for just $100,000... More »

Teens Kill 7-Year-Old With Mortal Kombat Moves

Charged with as adults with felony child abuse

(Newser) - A 16-year-old girl and her boyfriend beat to death her little sister while imitating moves from the Mortal Kombat  video game, Colorado police say. Heather Trujillo and Lamar Roberts, 17, kicked, punched, and body-slammed 7-year-old Zoe Garcia until she was unconscious, CNN reports. They have been charged as adults with... More »

2 Stories