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Killer Appetizer? It May Have Ruined Your Main Course

People like their entrees better when preceded by a mediocre appetizer

(Newser) - We humans are so fickle. How much we like our main course can change based solely on the quality of the appetizer that immediately preceded it. So says a new study out of Drexel University published in the journal Food Quality and Preference . "It’s always worth remembering that... More »

TGI Friday's Latest: 'Infinite Appetizers'

Chain is taking a big risk, analysts say

(Newser) - How many mozzarella sticks or boneless buffalo wings can hungry diners wolf down in one sitting? TGI Friday's is betting it's not so many that it'll lose its shirt on the new "Endless Appetizers" deal. The promotion—believed to be the first of its kind from... More »

8 Tasty Aperitif Wines

(Newser) - The sweet and bitter notes of aperitif wines are perfect for waking up an appetite on a hot summer evening, Tara Q. Thomas writes in Gourmet. She ranks her favorite "elixirs of summer":
  • Vya Extra Dry Vermouth: Pine, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sandalwood flavors may be bitter, but sparkling
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101 Starters in 20 Minutes

The Times solves all your short-notice entertaining needs

(Newser) - Need to impress guests on short notice? The Times' Mark Bittman has some appetizers suggestions—101 of them, to be exact. A sampling:
  • Put crisp apple and pickled herring on rye flatbread
  • Cover bruschetta with well-cooked broccoli rabe tossed with minced garlic and oil. Tuscan beans optional
  • Spear cubes of
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4 Stories