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Americans Work Hard, But Their Kids Are Lazy

(Newser) - Americans may jaw about their grueling work weeks and meager vacations, but their kids? While European and Asian children are logging in long school days and pounding out homework, US students are taking time off, the Economist reports. With one of the world's shortest school weeks and longest summers—which... More »

Duncan to Schools: Uncle Sam Is Watching

Education sec says they'd better spend bailout money wisely

(Newser) - States should be careful when spending their stimulus education windfall, because Uncle Sam will be watching, the US education secretary writes in the Wall Street Journal. “We will require an honest assessment of key issues like teacher quality, student performance, college readiness, and the number of charter schools,”... More »

Best Places to Educate Children

(Newser) - Wondering where’s the best place to educate your children? Compiling scores from various criteria--strength of the public school system, options for private schools, library popularity, the abundance of higher-learning institutions—Forbes magazine made a list of the best educational environments. Here’s the top ten:
  1. Washington, DC-Arlington, VA
  2. Madison,
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3 Stories