Mitchell steroids investigation

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McNamee: I Gave Clemens Steroids in '98

Chief accuser takes the stand in pitcher's perjury trial

(Newser) - Brian McNamee has testified that he first injected Roger Clemens with steroids when they were with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1998. McNamee said today he injected Clemens in the buttocks in Clemens' apartment at the pitcher's request. McNamee is the chief witness for the prosecution in the perjury... More »

Bonds' Son: The Bigger Hat Was Mine

Nikolai explains the real reason his dad's baseball cap size grew

(Newser) - Nikolai Bonds scrutinizes every nuance of dad Barry Bonds' perjury trial from afar: He winces over the ex-mistress's allegations and watches old friends turn on his dad, but for him, the trial's outcome was settled in 2003. "Did you?" he asked the Giants slugger about rumors of steroid use.... More »

Ex-Mistress: Bonds Blamed 'Roids for Injury

Perjury trial continues over slugger's denial of using steroids

(Newser) - Barry Bonds' ex-mistress took the stand in his perjury trial today, testifying that the ex-slugger blamed steroids for a 1999 elbow injury, and that his head got bigger—literally—and testicles got smaller over the course of their nine-year relationship. Kimberly Bell, who maintained the relationship even after he told... More »

Clemens Pleads Not Guilty

Pitcher to fight charges of lying to congress

(Newser) - Seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens pleaded not guilty today to charges of lying to Congress about whether he used steroids or human growth hormone. When asked for a plea, the retired pitcher said in a clear voice: "Not guilty, your honor." Clemens and all-time home run leader... More »

A-Rod Cops to 'Roids: 'I Was Stupid'

(Newser) - Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez today admitted, in a voice that wasn't always steady, that he took steroids for three seasons beginning in 2001. Amid swirling rumors that he'd tested positive in 2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers, A-Rod told ESPN's Peter Gammons that he succumbed to "an enormous... More »

Trainer Slaps Clemens With $10M Defamation Suit

McNamee, made famous by the Mitchell report, sticks it to ex-boss

(Newser) - Brian McNamee is suing his former boss for $10 million, the New York Post reports, saying Roger Clemens libeled and slandered him in the wake of the Mitchell Report on steroids in baseball. The former star pitcher is likewise suing McNamee for telling federal investigators Clemens used steroids, but McNamee... More »

Players OK More Drug Tests

Tougher doping rules kick in immediately

(Newser) - Baseball players agreed to more frequent drug tests yesterday and gave more clout to the drug program's independent administrator, the AP reports. The tougher guidelines follow recommendations made in the Mitchell Report and mark the third time the league has toughened its doping policy since 2002—each time under the... More »

Feds Have 104 Positive MLB Drug Tests

And may release names, despite vow of anonymity

(Newser) - US Attorneys have a list of 104 baseball players who failed a 2003 drug test, even though the players' union vowed to keep those names secret. The union has contested the Feds' search, but the list could become public in a matter of weeks, reports the New York Times. More »

McNamee Selling Clemens Mementos on eBay

'Break-up' memorabilia profits go to juvenile diabetes group

(Newser) - If Roger Clemens wants to get any of his stuff back from ex-trainer Brian McNamee, all he has to do is log on to eBay. McNamee, who split with Clemens in the great steroids war, is putting up everything from autographed baseballs to hats to photographs of "all the... More »

Canseco Now Thinks Clemens Was Clean

Slugger retreats from allegations that Rocket juiced his fuel

(Newser) - Former Bash Brother Jose Canseco has backed down from charges that Roger Clemens used more than workouts to pump his pitching arm. Contradicting what's written in his own books, "Juiced" and the upcoming "Vindicated," Canseco said in a TV interview that he now doesn't believe the Rocket... More »

Canseco Links A-Rod to 'Roids in New Book

Claims he introduced Rodriguez to known steroid dealer

(Newser) - Jose Canseco, baseball’s most outspoken steroid user, suggests that reigning AL MVP Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs in his new book Vindicated, reports the New York Post. This according to a Massachusetts-based writer, who found a copy yesterday in a local store, although it's not due for release until... More »

Congress Asks Justice Dept. for Clemens Probe

Bipartisan letter wants to look at star's steroids denials for perjury

(Newser) - A congressional committee today asked the Justice Department to examine Roger Clemens’ denials under oath that he used performance-enhancing drugs and determine if they constitute perjury, the AP reports. In the letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Reps. Henry Waxman and Tom Davis cite the pitcher's statements contradicting those of... More »

House Panel May Go After Clemens on Perjury

Panel drafts letter asking Justice Dept. to investigate

(Newser) - The congressional panel that questioned Roger Clemens about steroids has drafted a letter asking the Justice Department to investigate whether he committed perjury, the New York Times reports. The letter doesn't name his former trainer, Brian McNamee, who testified the same day and insisted Clemens is lying, but that could... More »

Pettitte Sorry for Taking HGH

Says he hasn't spoken to Clemens in a month

(Newser) - Andy Pettitte apologized to fans and teammates today for using human growth hormone, the AP reports. Pettitte said he had not spoken to Roger Clemens, whom he implicated in HGH use in a congressional deposition, in more than a month. “I can't even describe how uncomfortable” the Clemens situation... More »

Cone Denies Conversation With McNamee

Ex-pitcher said he never talked about drug testing in baseball

(Newser) - David Cone said last night he never had a conversation with Roger Clemens' former strength coach Brian McNamee about drug testing in Major League Baseball, reports the New York Times. During testimony before Congress yesterday, McNamee was asked about a conversation he said he had with Cone in 2000 that... More »

Source: Trainer Says Clemens' Wife Took HGH

McNamee injected Debbie Clemens before 2003 magazine spread

(Newser) - Brian McNamee told congressional investigators yesterday that Roger Clemens’ wife, Debbie, took human growth hormone, a source tells the New York Daily News. The pitcher's former trainer said Roger asked him to inject Debbie with HGH as she prepared to be photographed for Sports Illustrated's 2003 swimsuit issue, the source... More »

'Roids Dealer in Mitchell Report Gets Probation

Radomski's cooperation helped avoid jail time for 10 years of dealing

(Newser) - Kirk Radomski was sentenced to five years probation today for selling speed, steroids and HGH to baseball's top tier from 1995 to 2005, the AP reports. The former Mets clubhouse employee avoided a possible 6 months of jail time because of his extensive cooperation with George Mitchell’s report on... More »

Jose Canseco: Tell-All Author, Extortionist?

Sources inside MLB claim foul play over offer to keep Tigers' Ordonez name out of new book, for a fee

(Newser) - Jose Canseco offered Tigers' outfielder Magglio Ordonez an offer he could refuse, say sources within baseball: invest millions in a film project, and be kept clear of allegations of steroid use in Canseco's follow up to tell-all biography, Juiced. MLB referred the case to the FBI, but Ordonez declined to... More »

Rocket Refused to Address 'Roids Allegations: Mitchell

Players were notified of accusations in advance

(Newser) - Roger Clemens twice declined entreaties by George Mitchell to respond to allegations that he had used steroids, USA Today reports. Mitchell said that last summer and fall, as his investigation developed, he sent the players union requests to interview players who faced accusations of drug use. Clemens never responded, Mitchell... More »

Clemens Plays Tape to Prove Innocence

Ex-trainer never accuses hurler in heated phone talk

(Newser) - Roger Clemens played a recording of a heated, expletive-laden conversation to reporters today as proof of the hurler's innocence on steroid claims, the AP reports. In the talk, former trainer Brian McNamee—who has said he injected Clemens with steroids—did not deny Clemens' claim of innocence. Clemens' lawyers pitched... More »

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