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Dog Rescued After Living on Freeway Median for 5 Weeks

Freeway Frida is one impressive German shepherd

(Newser) - Against all odds, the story of a dog stuck on the median of a California freeway for weeks got a happy ending last weekend. BuzzFeed reports someone called the Galt Police Department April 10 after seeing a German shepherd fall off the back of a pickup truck on Highway 99... More »

Hero Dog Saves 7-Year-Old Girl From Rattlesnake

He was bitten three times protecting the girl

(Newser) - When a venomous Eastern diamondback rattlesnake appeared in the backyard of a 7-year-old Florida girl, her German shepherd came to her rescue, refusing to back down despite multiple snakebites, the AP reports. Molly DeLuca was playing Wednesday with her 2-year-old shepherd, named Haus, when the snake showed up. Haus jumped... More »

Faithful Dog Waits 2 Weeks for His Murdered Owner

'He would just stand there and look helpless'

(Newser) - Loyalty between dog and man once again has no bounds, this time via a German shepherd who waited two weeks for an owner who'd never come home again. The dog was first spotted at an apartment complex near Houston's Hobby Airport, KTRK reports—sometimes on the steps, sometimes... More »

Cop Shoots Guy's Dog, Blocks Him From Vet

Wouldn't let owner leave scene because it wasn't procedure

(Newser) - Even the owner of a "friendly" and "socialized" German shepherd shot in the face by a Georgia cop last Thursday understands why the officer may have panicked upon seeing a pretty large dog running his way. What DeKalb County resident Tim Theall doesn’t understand is why Officer... More »

Hero Pooch Leads Lost Trooper to Fire

'Buddy' gets an engraved bowl as reward

(Newser) - Buddy the German shepherd is the toast of Alaska after helping a lost state trooper to the scene of a fire. The trooper's GPS had frozen, and his dashboard camera shows Buddy approaching the car, then leading the way. The fire destroyed a workshop, but troopers say Buddy's actions helped... More »

Jon to Nanny: Don't Worry —I Had a Vasectomy

Gosselin's new lawyer speaks out; Kate's new 'do—and family dogs—get the boot

(Newser) - The back-and-forth between Jon Gosselin and his nanny drags on, but at least there won’t be any lovechildren to worry about. Gosselin assured Stephanie Santoro “he’d had a vasectomy,” her mother tells Radar. Meanwhile, Jon’s new divorce attorney agrees “the content of the story... More »

Owner Gets Clones of Hero 9/11 Dog

(Newser) - The owner of hero 9/11 sniffer dog Trakr has been presented with four new bouncing baby ... Trakrs, reports TMZ. The four black puppies with piercing blue eyes are all clones of their hero pop. Just in time, too—the original Trakr died in April at the age of 15. He... More »

Lab Is Top US Dog, 18 Years and Counting

Yorkshire terrier is second; bulldog now at No. 8 and gaining fast

(Newser) - The Obamas’ pup could change things, but for now the playful Labrador retriever remains America’s most popular purebred, the American Kennel Club calculates. It's the Lab’s 18th consecutive year as king; the Yorkshire terrier and German shepherd are second and third, Reuters reports. Bulldogs moved up two spots,... More »

Guess Who Else Is Bringing a Puppy to DC?

Joe Biden picks out German shepherd Jill promised him if he won

(Newser) - The Obama girls don’t have their puppy yet, but Joe Biden wasted no time in picking out his new veep's best friend, the (Delaware) News Journal reports. The vice president-elect has chosen a six-week-old male German shepherd—the “pick of the litter,” says the Pennsylvania breeder. Biden’... More »

Dog Dials 911, Barks for Help

German Shepherd trained to call

(Newser) - A German shepherd in Arizona dialed 911 and summoned help for his owner who had suffered a seizure, AP reports. Buddy barked and whimpered on the line until the 911 dispatcher sent help. The dog is trained by Paws with a Cause—which provides assistance animals to the ill and... More »

Suspect's Bridge Leap Kills K-9

Police dog perishes after SoCal pursuit

(Newser) - A California man being pursued by police survived a dive off the San Diego-Coronado bridge, but the police dog he seized as he went over the rail died, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The dog, a German shepherd named Stryker, was part of the Oceanside police department, and a California... More »

Fallen Marine's Dog Heading Home to His Family

Lex didn't want to leave dead buddy

(Newser) - Paramedics had to drag Lex the German shepherd away from the body of Cpl. Dustin Lee when the 20-year-old Marine from Mississippi was killed in a March mortar attack in Fallujah. Now Lex is back in the States and heading for retirement with Lee's family. “Lex was my son’... More »

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